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College Board Info for AP Studio Submission

School code for NPHS

Teacher key

How to get flickr set up
To upload photos:
Go to “You” tab
Click on “Upload” and either select the images from your computer by browsing or drag your photos in
Click on the blue button that says “Upload 1 Photo” (or how many you are uploading)
It will ask you if your setting is public.  You should select public

How to put your photos in a set
Go to “You” or your “Photostream
Click on “Sets”
Click on “Add New Set”
Title the set and then drag images out of your photostream below into the set
Save the Set

Due Dates:
  If your images are not in a set properly labeled - they will not be graded - they will be counted late once labeled properly. Having the wrong privacy settings will not be considered an excuse for a late submission.
 Date Due  Assignment
 2-7-14 1. Studio Assignment 2-7 (six digital images or two darkroom images) 


2. Studio Assignment 2-13 (six digital images or two darkroom images) 


Westlake Village Arts Guild Images Uploaded to MrL's Computer


 2-28-14 3. Food Still Life images (3 digital or 1 darkroom) 
3-7-144. Studio Assignment 3-7
PPA (post production assignment) #1-4


5. Studio Assignment 3-14

3-21-14Must have AP Portfolio Online and have at least one photo uploaded
Supplemental Assignment Check 1  
Journal - 10 highly embellished pages (or the equivalent) / PPA - #5-8 / Extra Shoots 1-3
All Images for Art Show must be prepared and paid for

3-24 through 4-11-14

 Art Show Preparation and Exhibit

 12 Breadth Images and as many Concentration Images as possible Uploaded to AP website
Cognitive Dissonance Photographer Research Assignment 


6. Studio Assignment 4-25

Supplemental Assignment Check 2 
Journal - 10 highly embellished pages (or the equivalent) / PPA - #9-12 / Extra Shoots 4-6

Concentration Statement

 7. Studio Assignment 5-2

AP Portfolio Online Completed

5-8-14 or 5-9-14

AP Portfolio Submission (Library 12:30)

 Supplemental Assignment Rubric filled out and turned into MrL  - All journals turned in 

Journal 20 pages, PPA 5-12, Extra Shoots 6
5-19 through 6-6-14 Portfolio Presentations and Photo Scavenger Hunt

Required Studio Assignments:

___ Open 4
___ Open 5
___ Open 6
___ Open 7
___ Open 8
___ Food Still Life
___ CFT #5

Second Year Students

____ Open H
____ Open I
____ Open J
____ Open K
____ Open L
____ Food Still Life
____ Open M

You will receive a grade from completion of the Studio Assignment and for fulfilling each of the Required Shoots on this check list. It does not matter the order in which you turn these in (except for the Food Still Life).

It is very important that you label you submissions on flickr the right way
Photo Shoot Assignments - Breadth
Click on the underlined words to link to an explanation of an assignment, samples images, or related websites

 First Journal - Composition Terms 

Go to this link to get the glossary of terms for the First Journal:


 Extreme Angles Handout                         

Extreme Angles Images


 Light Handout     

Light Images

Camera Boot Camp - Exposure


Time Images

How to shoot a Bulb Exposure

Painting With Flash Handout - From Kodak

Fill-in Flash Handout - From Kodak

How to Shoot Freeze Motion Handout

How to Shoot Blur and Pan Motion


Self Image Images 

John Berger Chapter 3 - Ways of Seeing - .pdf

Ch 3 John Berger - Ways of Seeing - Questions.pdf


Distortion Images


Photomontage Images


Photo Story Images 



Landscape Images


 Portraiture Images

Video Lesson on Aperture


Still Life Images

ContactSheetSequencePrint 4 minute synopsis video on TEDx


Sample Student Journals
Click on the name for a link to the sample pages

General Information
Camera Boot Camp Series
How To's
AP Portfolio Submission to College Board

Go to this link to see a demonstration of how to submit your portfolio to the AP College Board


You will need to copy and paste the URL into your browser
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