New Paltz Presidential Task Force on Free Speech

This task force, created during Summer of 2016, is charged with developing opportunities for our campus community to discuss and process issues of free speech in an environment of higher education.
Our goal is to develop a series of events, materials, etc. related to free speech issues to take place during Fall 16 and Spring 17.

Articles, links, videos, etc. are collected here for easy access of relevant materials:

* Jonathan Haidt's article in the Atlantic (September, 2015): The Coddling of the American Mind

* Washington Post article on University of Minnesota faculty resolution on free speech (May of 2016)
    coverage of the U Minnesota Faculty Senate free speech discussion via Inside Higher Ed:

* Nicolas Krisoff's NY Times piece on free speech in academia (May of 2016)
* New Paltz Oracle's article (April 2016) about the cancellation of the Kincade/Cohen debate
* Cliff Kincaid's (April 2016) video on cancellation of New Paltz event
* Nick Bostrom's (2011) article from the Review of Contemporary Philosophy titled "Information Hazards: A Typology of Potential Harms from Knowledge"

Passionate free speech scholar Donald Downs will retire at the end of the school year after 30 years in the Department of Political Science

Scott Walker’s Latest Crusade Will Hurt Conservatives Like Us
The Yale Halloween Costume Debate
New York Times article, 12/7/2015

Information Hazards and Freedom of Speech

Task Force Members include:

Lew Brownstein (Political Science); Glenn Geher (Psychology); Eugene Heath (Philosophy); Dan Lipson (Political Science); Lisa Phillips (Digital Media and Journalism); Patricia Sullivan (Honors/Communication); please email Task Force chair, Glenn Geher ( with any questions about our work!