The North Portland Business Association welcomes you to the North Portland Peninsula, the area of growth and economic opportunity for everyone. Bounded by I-5 on the east, the Peninsula stretches westward between the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, joining together at the historic Kelley Point Park.

The North Portland Peninsula is where you will find the University of Portland, the historic St. Johns and St. Johns Bridge, numerous parks, excellent schools, the second largest remaining wildlife sanctuaries with the city limits of Portland, affordable and rapidly developing housing market and new opportunities for business.

The Peninsula is the last sector of Portland that still has available land to develop. The Port of Portland has many industrial open land sites available in the Rivergate district on the Peninsula, while new and remodeled commercial buildings are under construction throughout the area.

The residential population of the Peninsula is growing with new young families, as well as showing increases in family income. While the Peninsula is served by the MAX Yellow Line, as well as multiple bus routes, a loyal and growing “buy local” population is eager for additional and new businesses.

The North Portland Business Association welcomes your interest in the North Portland Peninsula. For twenty-five years our objective has been to promote business interests for the economic development of North Portland. We are uniquely equipped to accomplish this mission as the only business association on the Peninsula with the structure, history and growth to represent all businesses of North Portland.
Our ongoing efforts to help North Portland businesses include the following:
- NPBA/University of Portland Business Roundtable, assisting business owners with key issues
- NPBA Grants to promote the link between business and community
- Keeping business owners up to date on news and events that affect them

Join us today, and be a part of the exciting new business opportunities on the North Portland Peninsula.