European Contagion Theory

Neanderthal Skull

Neanderthal Skull in comparison to Homo Sapien... many Europeans are a living hybrid of the two Hominoids!

     The European Contagion Theory is two part in its premise. The first is the assertion that all early Emergent Hominiods were interbreeding. (Hybrid Hominoids) This has been proven by recent Genetic research and Anthropological fossil finds. The Denisovan has been linked genetically to early Homo Sapiens (Asian DNA) and the (Neanderthal DNA) exists in many European descendants such as myself. The most recent find has African origins that connects a Ghost gene to Early African Homo Sapiens proving that interbreeding had occurred there also. The gathering evidence is that early Emergent Hominoids interbreeding is the norm not an outlier. 
    The second which relies on the first premise is that there are established historical records of Contagion Epochs that have affected Homo Sapient populations in history. The first occured in Europe during the Plague. Prior to the plague there were names of a wild man, stories of the Woodwose and depictions on churches. All over Europe there had amassed artistic documentation of Emergent Hominoids. After the Plague some fifty million Europeans had perished and so had the lore of the Wildman.  In America the second European contagion (Small Pox) epoch spread and some 500 years ago the Native American Population reached a low. All Native American Tribes had names such as Sasquatch and Citonga that matched the physical and behavioral characteristics of a Emergent Hominoid. After the Contagion epoch's the Emergent Hominoids were equally affected by the diseases and had reduced populations that relegated them to folklore. Carl Linneaus the Swedish Scientist had formalized the modern system of naming organisms "Binomial Nomenclature". He categorized The Homo Ferus as a distinct counterpart to Homo Sapien in the 1735 Systema Naturae. These Emergent Hominods are Hybrids and the proof is the susceptibility to disease contagions and the interbreeding that took place in early Hominoid populations globally. 

   For  a thousand years Petroglyphs/Pictographs and Lore of Indigenous Native Americans included names for the Sasquatch (Salish) Wildmen of the woods. Literally all Native American Tribes in the North America had names for Bigfoot. The European Nations had names for the Homo Ferus also and I extend this theory of Disease Contagion to the European Wildman as a precursor to the North American introduction. 

   In the sixteenth century Europeans began a immigration to the Americas and brought with them disease that would have genocidal affects killing half the population of Native American tribes: wiping out entire villages and the oral history that existed.The farming practices of Europeans confined their animals in pens in contrast to the free range practices of Native Americans. These farming practices grew deadly diseases. The Plague in Europe was equally as deadly and resulted in similar death tolls that I believe affected the wild man "Woodwose" of Europe too.(see European History)

    In an article, Ker Than, a writer for National Geographic News wrote, “Massive Population Drop Found for Native Americans, DNA Shows following European contact about 500 years ago, according to a new study.” Than reported that the study results supports the historical accounts that Europeans launched a deluge of disease that had horrific results across America. The researchers using samples of modern and ancient mitochondrial DNA calculated a demographic history for Native Americans. In conclusion, based on the data, the research estimated Native American population all-time high 5,000 years ago and all time low at 500 years ago. The all-time low reached a few years after Christopher Columbus reached the New World.

   In an article on, “Apocalyptic, a mysterious plague killed millions of Native Americans,” by Richard Thornton, describes how in 1500 a smallpox epidemic, which was started, by one of Christopher Columbus’s crew, a carrier of the disease killed millions. The disease appeared in Cuba immediately after Columbus’s second voyage and from Chontal Mayan merchants who sailed between Yucatan and Cuba spread it. Mayan merchants spread the first plague to hit North America. Thornton goes on to say that in 1513 when the first Spanish explorers landed on the coast of the Southeastern United States, a plague had already killed many of the native villages along the coast. They reported abandoned villages with skeletons scattered all over. Thomas Halek

Contagion Epidemic A link to 16th century contagion that wiped out Populations in South America.

Small Pox Origin Link to a Mummy identified as carrying small pox.

   Humans spread the plague to one another by air borne, lice or flea disease vectors. The large population of Europe and consolidated community living exasperated the spread of disease. This is evident as a cyclical historical contagion bubble culling populations of Hominoids. It occurs overlapping in the Americas when Small pox decimates Indigenous populations. The concurrent contagions reflect a cycle that has shaped the surviving populations genetics and reduced competition for resources. Contagions appear to burst populations bubbles and would have the same affect on other hominoids such as the Woodwose in Europe or the Sasquatch in the Americas. Contagions can be attributed to the extinction of other Hominoids such as the Neanderthal and the Denisovan. Their remnant genetic code is a stark reminder in their modern surviving hybrid cousins Homo Sapiens. Below is a map of the plague time line. See Zana and the Black Plague

    Russian Snowman are Russian Bigfoot that have a possible link to the Contagion Theory. The Origin of the Plague appears to begin in Russia Volga river/Caspian Sea region. Almasty are the female Zana Russian story Link. 

   The European Continent experienced the Contagion Epoch for Homo Sapien and Homo Ferus in the 14th century, with 50 million European lives lost at 60 percent of Europe's total population. I believe The Woodwose suffered similar losses in numbers (Whatever their base number was at the time). The 16th century saw the American Continent Epoch hit as Native Americans perished with Sixty to Eighty percent losses of some tribes. The Sasquatch again would mirror these numbers in percentages as they interacted with the Native peoples.

    The Wood wose of Europe and Sasquatch of America are Native people too, genetic cousins with Millenniums of breeding between the higher primate species in America. Melba Ketchum "Sasquatch Genome Project" Primarily abduction of Female Europeans and Native Americans.

The diseases such as small pox spread between the immune defenseless Indigenous people like a fire years before many Natives actually encountered Europeans themselves.

   The European Contagion Theory links the same diseases, adversely affecting Sasquatch populations and either killed off or significantly changed the way they interact with Europeans and Indigenous. Staging the divisional epoch between Native Lore and the modern understanding of this species. (Post European Disease Contagion) The current scientific area. See Bigfoot Native American forum for discussion of historical accounts of small pox and flu wiping out Sasquatch populations. The interactions between Native Americans and the Sasquatch spread the Contagion to the Sasquatch population and proved to be equally as deadly as the plague had been in Europe. We can estimate the Sasquatch population declined in similar numbers from fifty to eighty percent.. 

The Connection 

    The research being conducted on the Omaha Reservation by Barry and Derek Webster of Rez Squatching Research is a reconnection to the Ci'tonga. A relationship that was interrupted by the contagion epoch that disrupted historical interactions of trade and respect for each other. The intent of Rez Squatching is to reconnect to the  Ci'tonga and bridge the gap created by the European disease contagion and the subsequent disconnect that occurred . The decreased population of both Native American and the Ci'tonga created a gap to the land and people that has been a void in History.

In 2013 I attended the BFRO Expedition in New Mexico and found tree structures in the Jemez mountains indicating ancient descendants still exist:  Below is excerpt pages of 500 year old lore describing a tribe of giants.

Jemez Giants file below describe red haired Giants!

Contagions through history are most likely cyclical in there culling of Hominoid species. The evidence suggests that over millennia disease contagions and interbreeding of emergent Hominoids have shaped the genetic offspring.

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.Black Plague of Europe The Woodwose of Europe "Homo Ferus" wild man was widely accepted in European culture, sculptures adorning Churches and  Pencil drawings documented their existence "Prior to the Plague". Ole J. Benedictow describes how he calculated that the Black Death killed 50 million people in the 14th century, or 60 per cent of Europe’s entire population. 

   Homo Flores Ebu-gogo died out on the Indonesian Island Flores shortly after Dutch and Portuguese settlers arrived in the 17th century. The Homo Flores ate raw meat and may haven been Cannibalistic toward the Island people. They were small in stature but feared by the native islanders. Proof that a European contagion had a deadly effect on the Ebu - gogo.  The Island people no longer saw the Ebu-gogo after European settlers arrived. 

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BFRO Blue forum Discussion  European Contagion Theory (Below The Spanish Flu is referenced ) during the WWI era as contagions continue to threaten the existence of Sasquatch.

Bigfoot forums Native American Bigfoot Native American forum Page four Buzzard eater states.. "wonder if guns had as large an effect as disease? I've heard (from Elders in the Carrier language via translation)that the Sasquatch people were hit hard by Smallpox and nearly finished off by Spanish Flu. It was during the post WWI era that thier numbers were especially low and they anecdotally took to kidnappings. They were described to me as "only a handful" surviving during this time.
I think NA stories vary from family to family, as well. In the same village there will be people who advocate shooting on sight and people who want to offer food to them. I think the majority of people I have talked to want to avoid them. I have never been able to raise a carload of people to go looking for them. I have been told many times that if you go looking for Sasquatch, they might find you.
Your point about thier withdrawal is well taken. I do get the overall impression that they avoid us like the plague". Perhaps we are.

Centuries old Cave Art of the Yokut (Tule River Reservation California)
Yokut elders of the Tule River Reservation California believed it is a large hairy, bipedal creature they call, mayak datat sunsunut, "Bigfoot, the Hairy Man" or "hairy one." (Pronounced: milyak datr! atr! shoonshoonootr!) 
Link to historical accounts of Giants on the Solomon Islands "Japanese and American soldiers" 
These giants validate to me the existence of Pre-European contagion stratification of Giants all over the world. The Spanish explorers who discovered these islands most certainly encountered these giants and had similar experiences that mirrored encounters in the Americas.The American Soldiers who invaded the Solomon Islands describe battles with Red haired giants similar to descriptions of modern Bigfoot.

These stories corroborate to me the significance of a Disease contagion dramatically influencing Giant populations just as they had the indigenous people. The European Contagion Theory connects the dots between indigenous folklore and the modern rebounding of  Bigfoot the Nox Gigas.  These giants have always existed and their numbers are rebounding from a low precipitated by a nearly genocidal European contagion. They are susceptible to contagions that affect Humans and this has shaped their interactions with us and their past populations.