Bigfoot Bio Electric Static Theory

Eye glow photograph from a video Nov 22 2014  Rez Squatching  Research

     The Nox Gigas has the ability to generate Eye Glow of a variety of colors. Red, Amber, Blue and White are common colors observed. I believe they can emit the entire primary colors of light-spectrum. This has been observed in the field by myself and other researchers at night. The chemical reaction of combining Luciferin and Lucifarase "Chemiluminescence" emit a glow that allow the Nox Gigas to see in complete darkness. This glow is evident when observed in complete darkness as light is cast out illuminating their surroundings. I have seen leaves of trees illuminated above glowing eyes on BFRO expeditions. This is not eye shine, that is a reflection of light such as head lights on a deer's eyes or a flashlight on a raccoon's eyes. Their eyes reflect the light source and then appear to glow. 

     The Nox Gigas can generate their own Eye Glow and this allows them unique advantages in environments to thrive. At night the Nox Gigas can traverse Mountains, Forests and Rivers at ease. I observed with a group of researchers in Iowa (2013) a Nox Gigas step up onto a two track trail from a river area and its Glowing eyes became large when it gazed our way (About 15 yards from us). We had caught it off guard as we walked in the darkness quietly. It turned back and ascended a steep ridge off the trail quickly as we stood in awe. Your eyes will adjust to the darkness after about a half hour allowing you limited sight in the dark but be familiar with the trail during the day before entering it at night. Eye Glow of the Nox Gigas can be observed by them peeking around trees. They will keep trees or boulders between them and you to break up their outline. They have been known to Squat facing away and then peek back. They literally can disappear in the dark by crouching down or laying on the ground. Nox Gigas are masters of concealment. Look up too, they will jump up or out of trees as they hide. There is some visual evidence observed that they may be able to focus the glow.

     The Nox Gigas can travel through caves and exist in Karst systems in complete darkness that allow them to remain covert. This specialized evolutionary adaptation is not unique to the Animal kingdom, but it is to Hominid populations. (See Bio-luminescent link) They may use Eye Glow for communication also. The Nox Gigas rules the Night and the Homo Sapient rules the day seemingly opposites in our evolutionary tracks. Humans continue to be more removed from nature and the Nox Gigas is soley dependent on nature through its daily existence.

Link to video on Bioluminescence in Nature.    Bio-luminescent 

    Is the Nox Gigas EyeGlow Cold light? Cold light is also known as luminescence. It is light that is emitted when things are cold. Light emitted when things get hot is called incandescence – for example, the light from a Bunsen burner, a standard light bulb or an electric cooker when hot. There are many types of cold light, given different names depending on the conditions under which the light is emitted. Fireflies emit cold light!

    The Lampyridae are a of insects in the beetle order Coleoptera. They are winged beetles, commonly called fireflies or lightning bugs for their conspicuous use of bioluminescenceduring twilight to attract mates or prey. Fireflies produce a "cold light", with no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies. This chemically produced light from the lower abdomen may be yellow, green, or pale red, with wavelengths from 510 to 670 nanometers.[2]

    About 2,000 species of fireflies are found in temperate and tropical climates. Many are in marshes or in wet, wooded areas where their larvae have abundant sources of food. Their larvae emit light and often are called "glowworms" in Eurasia and elsewhere. In the Americas, "glow worm" also refers to the related Phengodidae. In many species, both male and female fireflies have the ability to fly, but in some species, the females are flightless.

Almasty Eye Color Marie - Jeanne Koffman

    The color of the eyes of the almasty is in no way extra-terrestrial. It is readily understood if one recalls that the crepuscular vision, which is provided by the bright-red visual purple of the rods, is reinforced in certain nocturnal species by a special organ, the tapetum. The crystals of this organ, like thousands of mirrors, reflect toward the retina the weak ray of light entering the eye, while at the same time strengthening it. The color of 
this piercing metallic glint, which fascinates us in our domestic animals, depends on that of the back of the eye. This last is not the same in all species, and varies according to the structure of the ocular envelopes: Yellow in the elephant and other animals, green in the Canidae, it is red in primates, including man. This latter, as distinguished from monkeys, whose visual acuity, especially at night, is greatly superior to his, possesses few rods, and his tapetum is almost nonexistent. Nonetheless, even in the human eye, a powerful light can bring forth this reddish reflection, which often is seen in photographs taken with the aid of a flash. The bright red gleam from the eye of the almasty, a detail which at first glance is unusual and perplexing, thus has a quite ordinary physiological explanation. 

Bigfoot Bio Electric Static Theory

     On my first BFRO expedition in Oct of 2011 Nebraska, I was introduced to the phenomenea of Sasquatch Zapping a expedition member. At the time I had not considered it super natural but biological in nature. I have always believed there are logical explanations if you stick to the facts and find corroborating evidence. 
Since then I have been in the presence of Bigfoot Bio electric static in the field many times. The experiences I have had point to the realization that they can generate-conduct electrical current and relay it in a static charge that disrupt electrical activity biological and mechanical. I have seen flashes of light in Iowa that  looked like camera flashes. I have also had batteries and fully charged devices go dead then become working again later. 
In New Mexico, I fell asleep when I literally had a Bigfoot right outside my tent. All these things can only be explained by Bigfoot Bio Electric Static. I let the facts lead me in my research and try to keep an open mind to all possible conclusions. Link to my Iowa experience with Bigfoot Bio Electric Static.   Bigfoot Bio Electric Static     

FLIR Jan 2017 On the Omaha Rez in January of 2017 I captured some interesting heat signatures as I was taking some Thermal video. Two interesting heat signatures toward the end look like heads of possible Bigfoot. We had recorded wood knocks earlier that day and Barry had seen one near this location when we first arrived. There was also an anomalies light flash as I first scan toward the heat signature. I didnt believe it is a flash of a camera as the camera man was shooting 4 K video. Bigfoot Bio Electric flash recorded on FLIR? You be the judge...

Magnetic ley lines and Bigfoot?
     On magnetic Ley Lines Bigfoot will put their forehead to the ground and knees with their butt in the air and feet flat creating a circuit/conduit.  They can then conduct/recharge their energy. Bigfoot eat Crystals and minerals and this allow them to store and emit energy biologically.Two Bigfoot together can open portals with this energy. Individually they can create vortices that gives the appearance of invisibility. Are these natural phenomenea?

     Magnetic Ley Lines are thought to be a source of energy for Bigfoot. Khat Hansen explained in a World Bigfoot radio episode that the Ostman pad on their foot enables them to use Ley lines for energy conduction. They may point at Ley lines with Tree Arches. The above map has Magnetic Ley lines graphed and Lincoln Nebraska has a Ley Line where I have found arches! Amazing Bigfoot Bio Electric static proof!! I have found arches in areas without Ley lands but there may be other factors such as underground water or caves or even directional markers that they also mark. About fifty animal species, ranging from birds and mammals to reptiles to insects, use Earths magnetic field for navigation.World Bigfoot Radio   Link to Khat Hansen interview! 

 Magnetic wavelength of light pictured above Can Bigfoot also see this blue light wavelength?

How Birds Are Able To See the Magnetic Fields of Earth (Protein Cry4 Regulates Circadian Rhythms)

    This comes from a study that was made of zebra finches and robins. The eye protein has the name of Cry4, and it is a class of proteins with the name of cryptochromes. These are photoreceptors that are sensitive to blue light, which are in animals and plants. The proteins are thought to have a part in regulating the circadian rhythms.

     Over recent years evidence has come to light that the cryptochromes in the eyes of the birds are responsible for the ability of the birds to be able to orient themselves by magnetic field detection. This is something called magnetoreception. Scientists now believe that birds are only able to sense magnetic fields if there are certain wavelengths of light. Studies have revealed that the magnetoreception of birds relies on blue light. This also gives confirmation that the mechanism is visual, based on cryptochromes which can detect magnetic fields due to quantum coherence.

 The excerpt below and the subsequent research...

    An Article from the January/February 1973 issue of Flying Saucer Review describes Bigfoot Bio electric static as observed by a motorist. A hairy creature is seen in Monongahela National Forest near Marlinton West Virginia in October 1960, could stall the engine of a car. The story quotes W.C. “Doc” Priestly as saying that while driving in a car following a group of friends in a bus he saw an eight-foot, hairy, apelike monster “with long hair standing straight up. At the same time his car stalled. After a while the bus backed up to where he was and: It seemed the monster was very afraid of the bus and dropped his hair, and to my surprise, as soon as he did this, my car engine started again. A little further on the car quit again, throwing sparks under the hood as if there was a bad short circuit. There by the road stood the creature. Again the bus backed up and the creature fled. Excerpt from John Green’s book Sasquatch “The Apes Among us” page 224.

Researchers have made credible arguments that Bigfoot Bio Electric Static can explain much of the supernatural beliefs attached to Bigfoot.

 Christopher Noel’s book Electric Sasquatch link Sas Electric


 Noël, Christopher. Electric Sasquatch: How a Natural Force may Explain "Supernatural" Powers (Kindle Location 191). Kindle Edition. (Excerpt)

    Further, reading this book sparked a memory of the famous 1895 encounter between E.S. Ingraham and an apparent Sasquatch. Ingraham was a well-respected explorer, mountaineer, and author, who founded the Seattle school system. Nowhere else in his writings does he touch upon this subject, only here; the rest are straight-ahead accounts of mountaineering adventures and essays on educational reform. While descending into the steam-caves of a crater near the 14,411-foot summit of Mount Rainier, Ingraham became aware of “a peculiar sensation of the body, such as a person feels when standing upon an insulated pool with his hand holding the pole of an electrical machine slightly charged.” This is, of course, strikingly similar to what Rita experienced, 112 years later and diagonally across the continent, in North Carolina: “It’s like when you’re about to put your hand on a TV screen and you get that tingling all over the surface of your hand.” And beside the Florida oak tree, when I got too close, I felt that sparkling, sizzling sensation on my chest. Then, Ingraham caught sight of the creature. The crown of its head was pointed, with bristled hair pointing in every direction. The nails of its fingers and toes were long and pointed and resembled polished steel more than hardened cuticle. The palms of its hands and the soles of its feet were hard and calloused. In fact, the whole body, while human in shape, seemed very different in character from that of the human species. Gradually an electric glow covered the entire body with light-centers at the ends of those pointed nails, the eyes, and the top of the head. It began to rub its feet rapidly upon the floor of the cave. This increased the glow of its body and caused the light-centers to shine with increased brilliancy. It seemed to receive some vital fluid from the earth that at once gave new vigor to its whole system. This rapid rubbing of the feet is an especially interesting detail; it’s just what we do when we want to build up static electricity from a carpet and then shock someone as a prank. But this individual was doing the same thing on a rock floor, not carpet. How could that produce static electricity? The Mount Rainier crater and cave system that Ingraham explored is part of the Mount Rainier Volcano, which, though it looks quiet, it is still considered an active volcano, and there are frequent tremors here, sometimes occurring at a rate of one per day.Earthquakes, even minor tremors, produce electricity, which rises up through the ground, especially when conducted by minerals in rock. According to M.J.S. Johnston of the US Geological Survey,

Noël, Christopher. Electric Sasquatch: How a Natural Force may Explain "Supernatural" Powers (Kindle Locations 318-319). Kindle Edition.    

     These two excerpts highlight the Bio Electric Static that can be generated by Sasquatch in a variety of environments. Their hair is certainly responding to the static charge and the whole body appears to take on a Bio luminescent appearance. We exist in an electromagnetic environment form our own nervous system to the electro static of gravity generated from Earth's rotation. The platypus can send out electrical currents to find food in the mud. We know this is apart of our natural world. Bigfoot Bio Electric Static is an ancient vestige that remains present in the this Relict Hominoid that is based in the natural world!

 Model of Electric Gravity present within us. I theorize the Nox Gigas can regulate and discharge this particle. Sound and magnetism are inextricably connected. Sound creates magnetic fields and moving magnetic fields create electricity.

Nebraska EYE GLOW   Eye Glow video   A link to video of Eye glow!
 Above an image of Eye Glow filmed by Res Squatching Research Barry and Derek Webster Nov, 22, 2014 Omaha Reservation! 
    There are several notable elements to this pic. The single image was taken from a twenty minute encounter with Sasquatch. The right eye illuminates brighter casting light onto the oily skin. The left eye is illuminated dimly and demonstrates they have control of the Bio luminescent brightness. I enhance the original with blue signature to give contrast to the light (linked below). This is remarkable to me as the eye glow reflects a peeking strategy to try and stay covert with just one eye illuminated. It seems the Sas is squinting with the left eye. This is an excellent example of Bio luminescent Eye Glow demonstrating the control of light illumination and color.
    Blue enhanced Image eye glow to demonstrate color variations. Blue eye glow has been common with Young Bigfoot. This has been observed in the field when observing multiple Bigfoot young together and there are two or more sets of eyes. White or amber EyeGlow is common when adults are curious and approaching from a distance. Red eye glow is common also but may represent a frustrated or upset Bigfoot and should be given caution.

I showed Dr. Meldrum these pictures and he commented that when you have one eye closed and are looking at a light you can adjust your vision to compensate for the light or darkness. That maybe is what the Bigfoot was doing when looking at Barry and D with the flood light pointed at it. Great observation Jeff!

The 80-millisecond rule (Is Bigfoot faster than our perception) 

    Proof that we are literally perceiving things in the past is the 80-millisecond rule. The cost of hiding the logistical details of perception is that we are always a beat behind. The brain must strike a balance. Cognitive psychologist Alex Holcombe at Sydney has some clever demonstrations showing that certain forms of motion perception take a second or longer to register, and our brains clearly can’t wait that long. Our view of the world takes shape as we watch it.The 80-millisecond rule plays all sorts of perceptual tricks on us. As long as a hand-clapper is less than 30 meters away, you hear and see the clap happen together. But beyond this distance, the sound arrives more than 80 milliseconds later than the light, and the brain no longer matches sight and sound. What is weird is that the transition is abrupt: by taking a single step away from you, the hand-clapper goes from in sync to out of sync. Similarly, as long as a TV or film soundtrack is synchronized within 80 milliseconds, you won’t notice any lag, but if the delay gets any longer, the two abruptly and maddeningly become disjointed. Events that take place faster than 80 milliseconds fly under the radar of consciousness. A batter swings at a ball before being aware that the pitcher has even thrown it.

     In my experience in the field with Bigfoot activity they generally keep a distance of 70 yards or more apart from you. I have had trees pushed down at these distances and it seems the 80-millisecond rule rings true. No sign of the Bigfoot except the fallen tree. I have no doubt this lag in our perception is utilized by them with their ability to run and jump out of eye sight before we register they are even present. A quick blur here a faint tree branch swaying there and the elusive Bigfoot appears to disappear. Nothing Supernatural, just super nature, plain and simple speed and reflexes! 

Red Eye Glow of a Bigfoot with face illuminated! (unknown Artist)

Art imitating reality  Radiohead Album King of Limbs 2012. Some depictions in the Album art had me making connections with Bigfoot Eyeglow.  

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief"

All the holes at once are coming alive, set free
Out of sight and out of mind
The lonely and their prey

The ones you light your fires to keep away
Crawling out upon its belly
And all you have to do is say "Yes"

All the birds stay up in the trees
All the fish swim down to the deep
The lonely and their prey

I am here, come to me before it's too late

The one you light your fires to keep away
Is crawling out upon its belly
All you have to do is say "Yes"

Radiohead 2016 lyrics "moon shaped pool" album

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