Licensed Marriage Commissioner for Manitoba

    Your Wedding.....the day you've dreamed about since you were a little girl (or boy!). You want it to be perfect, beautiful, memorable.....and you want it to reflect everything about you and your Mr or Mrs to be. Theres SO much planning that goes into a wedding...venue, flowers, dress, can all be very overwhelming. Let me help you relieve the stress of at least one part, one VERY important part, of your Wedding day!

   I am Tanya Ogorek, Marriage Commissioner for the province of Manitoba, and I want to help you with making sure your Wedding Ceremony is as beautiful as you've always dreamed it would be! I will work with you to special customize a tailor-made ceremony that truly reflects who the two of you are and your undying love for each other. 

   Whatever you have your heart set on, weather you want something traditional, or more to the point short & sweet, or even something themed such as Unity Sand or Hand-fasting, I can help you to plan a ceremony that will have your guests in awe and talking about for years to come!