Visual Color Picker

Visual Color Picker 2.6 icon

Visual Color Picker is very easy to use and powerful RGB-HSV-HSL-CMYK-HEX color selector. The program allows you to easily capture color value from any position of the screen even if program does not have input focus. The program has small screen capture preview area. By clicking associated button, you will get the associated RGB value in the dialog. The RGB color is automatically translated to RGB, HSV, CMYK and HTML HEX values. The program has standard and custom color tables. Text-background preview allows you to see how two colors will look next to each. Visual Color Picker operates under Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/ NT4.0/2000/XP/2003. Visual Color Picker has settings. You can specify custom formatting and assign hot key for it.



  • Supported color models: RGB, HSV(HSL), CMYK, HEX(HTML).
  • Basic and custom color tables.
  • Instant RGB-HSV-CMYK-HEX color conversion.
  • Screen area color capture.
  • Textual color formatting: unlimited text representation of color (VC++,VB,Delphi,etc).
  • Several color preview samples: gradient, text.


Changes in the version 2.6:

  • Quick way to grab colors from the screen.
  • Program emembers now the alway's on top state.
  • Quick copy HEX or RGB by clicking on editbox title.

Changes in the version 2.5:

  • Added 'rgb' and 'bgr' component in color formatting.

Changes in the version 2.4:

  • Color formatting corrected according to opt values.
  • Added 'black' component in color formatting.
  • Interface dialog resizing bug fixed.

Changes in the version 2.2:

  • Hot keys added for copying custom formatted colors.
  • More settings added.
  • Standard named color set added.
  • More previews added to preview dialog.
  • Ellipse sliders added for 2-component slider.

Changes in the version 2.0:

  • Redesigned GUI and layout.
  • Redesign internal color management. Float conversion implemented instead of integer.
  • Complete CMYK color model.
  • 5 color groups, each includes current, inverted and old.
  • Custom color ranges.
  • Settings dialog.

Changes in the version 1.3:

  • CMYK color model support.
  • Screen area spy and capture.
  • Unlimited customizable text formats of color.

Changes in the version 1.2:

  • Enhanced Interface.

Changes in the version 1.1:

  • Easy color capture from any position of screen.