What is AAU?
AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union and serves as a forum for athletic competition among young men and women.  It was designed to help, shape, and mold our young athletes to become faster, stronger, and smarter.
What is the time commitment?
The AAU season basically runs from April up to Memorial Day weekend and consists of weekend tournaments.  Most tournaments have teams playing 4 games on the weekend - 2 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday (although there are variations).  Games start early in the morning and go on throughout the day.  There is travel involved.  Each coach sets his or her team's schedule and is responsible for choosing the tournaments.
What are the benefits?
Because of all the downtime, spent with teammates in places miles from home, teams become incredibly close.  The year-to-year carryover of team rosters help to foster lasting friendships.

Novi Motion

Who is Novi Motion?
Novi Motion, formerly Michigan Motion, is designed for females from the ages of 9 years to 16 years.  It is a ball club where competitive try-outs are required in order to choose players and place girls on teams. It is the goal of Novi Motion to have a large population of girls involved in the program.  Each of the team members will:
  • learn fundamental skills and game mechanics.
  • participate in structured practices.
  • experience tournaments and league play.
What should you expect at the different levels of the club?
This first level teaches the basic fundamentals of competing at a faster pace than the player may be accustomed to.  Girls will also learn about what it means to work as a part of a team.
The middle level starts to incorporate more strategy about the game, including how to start, pace and finish a game tournament.  Girls will learn and define their roles with and on the team to achieve success as a unit.  This level also starts to prepare players for the high school ball-playing experience, and begin to develop the character of a mature player
The upper level teaches and coaches as a higher level team, which involves faster play, development of quicker reflexes, and honing the specific skills of each player.  Different competitive match-ups on the floor are implemented, without interfering with the continuity of the team.  Finally, the integrety of a team player is reinforced by the coaches who emphasize a strong work ethic and commitment to their team members.