Time Table

(Site open and close times may be amended closer to date depending on other bookings, hoping to extend a little either side)

 Friday  5th 
 Saturday 6th
 Sunday    7th
 8-9am  Breakfast Breakfast
 9-10am Opening Court
List opens and armour Inspections/Peerage Meeting-L
 10-11:00am Lists Open/A&S Comp/Laurel's Prize Tourney/Markets
 11:00am-12 A&S Comp/Laurel's Prize Tourney/lunch/MarketArmouredCombat/Rapier/archery
 12-1pm Site Opens
Invocation Court
Lunch/Closing Court
 1-2pmTourney Setup
Crown Tournament/Market
Pack Down
 2-3pmCamp open for set up
Crown Tournament
Pack Down
Crown Tournament
 4-5pm Event Opens
Peerage Meeting-K
Peerage Meeting-P
 6-7pmSoup Kitchen/
Group Seneschal's Meeting
 7pm onwards
/Fireside Bardic
 Victory Ball

Sunday Tournaments:

Archery: an IKAC as a final to the Regional IKAC Competition

Rapier: TBD

Heavy: TBD