Other Info

Info for Far Travelers: For those visiting the group There will be Banner poles and Crosspieces for the display of banners. If you require any bedding, billeting or feasting gear please let Duenna Catalina or Lady Celestria know and we will arrange for such.

Setup: Setup will be on Friday for the Event. For the Tourney Field it will be from Midday. At this point Dorm and Camp set up will be from 2pm though may be able to start earlier depending on other clients using the site. This will be updated closer to event. Anyone wishing to set up on the Tourney Field Saturday Morning Must inform the Steward for arrangements to be made.

Pavilions: Those wishing to set up Pavilions around the List Field, please let the Autocrat know their footprint so that space can be arranged for such.

Camping: Limited Camping at the Tourney Field is permitted with consultation with the Autocrat. Only Period Tents will be allowed. There are no toilets on the oval, nor showers. (They can only be accessed by going to the dorms across the road, the Leader's Dorm toilet's will be off limits at night save for those staying there as the noise of half asleep people walking on wooden Decking might wake those asleep there.) I would encourage people to camp at Spinnaker (there are about 5+ toilets and showers for each gender) or Dorming as each set of dorms has its own set of showers and toilets.

Meals: Breakfasts and Friday dinner will be served out of Spinnaker Kitchen, Lunches will be brought to the Oval.