Event Info

                                                         November Crown 2010, Nov 5-7th 2010



By the Barony of Aneala, with aid from Colleges and Southern Shires

                                                                                                                                           At Ern Halliday Recreation camp in Hillarys, WA.

In the land of the setting sun will rise banners most colourful and pavilions most splendid in anticipation of seeking of the Heirs of Lochac. All who would witness are called to gather from November 5th , 2010 so that we may all prepare for the Tournament that will decide the next King and Queen of Lochac. There will be a Victory Ball in celebration of the heirs in the evening. On the day following the grand Tournament there will be displays of skill from heavy combatants, Rapier fighters as well as Target Archers. Throughout the weekend there will be Arts and Sciences displays and competitions. Come one and all and gather in Aneala on such verdent lands that do border upon the crashing waves of the Western Ocean.

Bookings are now closed, thank you to all who booked.

Information: Autocrat Catalina de Gata  gatanoz@gmail.com

Booking Officer: Celestria Ashwood celestria.rose@gmail.com