Best Software for Writers

Writing a novel often entails managing an ever increasing file that could impact upon the author’s time and resources. However, a novel writing software that helps the writer manage their work could be the answer. I have selected the best novel writing software as rated from customer reviews and product details from the manufacturers.


Software for Writing a Book


Most novel writing software contain a thesaurus, spell check, word count automatic chapter numbers, drag and drop facilities for scenes and chapters, advanced editor and a storyboard as standard. Although using a story writing software might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is excellent for first time writers and those who cannot organise their novel. However, if it encourages the procrastinating writer to get the novel written, it is an excellent tool.


Writing Software for Authors


NewNovelist writing software Version 1 and 2, perhaps the best of the bunch and recommended by the respected author, Will Self and reviewers of major publications such as the Sunday Times and the Guardian, this novel writing  programme helps you write more quickly, by allowing the novelist to work backwards, from the middle or from a particular scene.


Handy tutorials are included, as written by Writing Magazine’s Jane Wenham-Jones to help the writer overcome writer’s block. It is a clearly structured program that helps the writer work through the novel via prompts that encourages the writer to fill in as much detail as possible about the characters and the plot via its story builder. Its resource centre is considered to be the best on the web. Incidentally, the editor of NewNovelist, Lucinda Hawksley is the great great great granddaughter of Charles Dickens.


NovelWriter is probably more ideal for first time writers who find the theory of writing overwhelming, as the programme is easy and straightforward. It contains lessons on how to proceed with writing the novel with over 35 creative writing exercises, with hints along the way. The methodology is rather basic, but it would suit a potential author who who simply wants to get down to the task of writing.


Which Writing Software?

Storyist 2 is a powerful novel writing program, (and, screenplays), suitable for both Windows and Mac, which helps the author organise the novel so that the author can get down to the task of writing. A split screen facility enables the writer to view the story and author’s notes in one go. The program also provides different templates, so that the manuscript or screenplay is formatted ready for submissions. Finally, the customer support is reputedly second to none.

Write Your Own Novel Professional helps the novelist generate ideas for characters, via its profiling system that contains thousands of names and personalities. A “generate new ideals” button will assist the author stricken with writer’s block.


Creative writing software, WriteItNow, contains a program that displays storyboards, arranges chapters and scenes, an overview of characters and how they relate to one another, writing targets and a tree view of the novel. It also helps prompt the author to complete the novel.


Mac Story Writing Software


StoryMill is a mac-compatible novel writing software that is designed to help authors set and reach realistic daily targets and also to organise the chapters and scenes that are linked together instead of in separate files. The novel planning template can also be used to write nonfiction books.


Book Writing Program


The inspiration to write a novel could be hindered by an unmanageable file, particularly if the novel is lengthy. This is where a story writing software may come in handy. Although some authors might feel it gets in the way of the organic process of writing the novel, if it help the writer get the novel down, it is a worthy purchase.
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