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Welcome to my website on novel writing. Here you will find lots of helpful tips and articles for the aspiring author, all from personal experience. Just scroll down the navibar on the left to find information you need, or visit my external sites – links can be found above.
Essential Tips on Novel Writing
Having had a lifelong interest in writing stores, I have learned some easy as well as difficult lessons along the way. The old saying that writing is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration is true. A fantastic idea within the mind may not always convey on paper.
For the inexperienced author, the technical aspects of writing may stand in the way. The hurdles might be many and diverse; sentence construction, finding the right words, plot conception, research, climax placements and much more. And then there is the marketing aspect of the writing; pitching the story, writing a synopsis, writing to agents and self-publishing.
When to Begin Novel Writing
I have written numerous articles on novel writing which you will find on my other sites as well as here. My blog, Writers’ Remedies give tips and advice on novel writing, web-writing, screenwriting and self-publishing. My other site, All About Writing Screenplays, is just that – advice on screenwriting. I have adapted all my novels into screenplays, for the fun of it. I’ve have also been close to commissions, (from the BBC, as well as other production companies) but as yet, have to write for the love of it.
How to Write Good English
This site offers help for writers via two viewpoints: the craft of writing and marketing your novel. Writing a full length novel is a feat in itself, let alone the marketing challenges. Both aspects are covered comprehensively: plot construction, character development, writing convincing dialogue, tightening your writing style, good use of adjectives, adverbs, active sentences and more.
Marketing Tips for Novelists
Also find tips on how to plug your novel once you have typed ‘The End.’ You may decide to go the traditional route and find a literary agent or publisher who is prepared to read your book. Or you may decide to got the self-published route and publish directly onto Kindle and/or a print on demand publisher. Both routes are tough for different reasons. Receiving dozens of rejection letters from agents can be crushing. Equally, disappointing sales figures on Kindle can leave the writer wondering why bother.
Advice on Writing for Motivation
I have experienced both disappointments, but have also experienced some success. Novel writing is indeed a roller coaster of a journey. Find articles on how to deal with the lows of self-publishing, receiving rejection letters and how to overcome procrastinating.
Website on Novel Writing
Ultimately, this site aims to offer help and encouragement for the writer who finds the going tough. Despite everything the writer might face, the most important thing is to retain an inner faith and tenacity. Writing is an organic process, where there is always room for improvement. With enough self-belief and perseverance, the writer may one day reap rewards, if not through sales figures, through the simple joy of finding one’s inner voice.
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