A Thriller
by Robert Smith

"There are four kinds of Homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy."
—Ambrose Bierce

This is a story about; duty, revenge, murder, and horror.

The system failed Tyler McDermitt. He and his brother have vowed to protect unfortunate youth from a similar fate—or at least make those responsible, pay.

The McDermitt brothers, victims of child abuse and molestation, escaped their hell and have decided to clean up after the failings of a flawed justice system.

The rough streets of Dorchester, south Boston, have hardened two aspiring vigilantes and prepared them for a mission. Their mission will not be easy.

One brother has a good heart, a conscience, and a burning compassion. His twisted sense of morality has burdened him with a deep sense of responsibility. Responsibility, that he first took for his brother,
 is now compelling him on a grander level.

The other brother is as hard as nails and as cold as ice. He is hell-bent on revenge and aims to ensure the other stays the course.
A motivated young detective is on their scent; she and her veteran partner look to foil McDermitt brothers' plan.
Something from the boys' past—something dark—is also closing in.

"As What Lies Within is a truly sensational, gripping story I have no choice but to award this gripping tale a majestic Five Stars! If you

are a reader, who is looking for the next best crime/serial killer story then this is the one for you… it would be a crime not to read it!."


—Redheaded Book Lover Blog

"An intense and fast-paced thriller with some wild twists and turns. Great read!"

—Amazon Review

"this novel has a really engrossing message to share with the world, through these intense characters and the struggle between what is

 good and what is bad in this world. I do recommend you read it"

—Book Inspector

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What Lies Within
from Best Selling Author Robert Smith
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