Art History Bloopers

Millicent's art analysis: by the unqualified, for the uninterested

Art History Bloopers comprise paintings and sculptures of all quality levels. An intriguingly bad painting is an Art History Blooper, whereas a painting worthy of greater reverence than it receives is an Art History Blooper. Have I made myself clear?

Most Art History Bloopers, like the above example, make their way to the internet via the Web Gallery of Art, and as such will be featured as Web Gallery of Art Finds of the Week. I'll write about other art bloopers as opportunities present themselves, perhaps to an extent that warrants a Contemporary Art Bloopers page. 


Web Gallery of Art Finds of the Week 

2/25/2006 - Madonna and Child with the Young St. John, by Jacopo Pontormo

4/10/2006 - Coiffures of the Damned