What is it About Victorian Novelists Named George?



I've finally revived the glorious institution of Art History Bloopers! A trying concert experience led me to examine terrible hairdos in art.


In addition, take a look at Project Project Gutenberg.  The latest edition features Boston Terriers, the mustachioed breeders of Boston Terriers, and everything in between. Straight from 1910!


Coming soon: the triumphant commencement of Millicent's essay series on stupid mythology!


This page exists to propound the strange and wondrous art and literature found in the less heavily-waded content streams of the internet. It also exists to trumpet the virtues of George Eliot and George Meredith. I further hope to shed light upon the following questions:

  • What is it about the names of 19th-century American painters?
  • What is it about women's magazines?
  • What is it about cargo shorts?
  • What is it about feeling lonely in a throng of people?
  • What is it about poor spelling and punctuation in signs and menus?
  • What is it about George Meredith's wife leaving him for a painter, and George Eliot's husband attempting suicide during the honeymoon?
  • Should I take up the works of George Sand? I've always rather meant to. 


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