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So finally after saying I was going to put some of this stuff up here in January it’s now July and I’ve finally managed it!

All the work going up in this initial release is work from my English & Creative Studies degree at Portsmouth University which neatly falls into two categories:
CRASHING IN – MY DEBUT NOVEL (See attachments below)
Crashing In was written as part of my degree and actually got a 1st at the time although I ended up getting a 2:1 overall (make of that what you will!). It’s written in the heady days of 97 and I think that shows in a few places but there are some aspects of it that I’m really pleased with. I’ll let you figure them out! Up till know it’s only been read by a handful of people so I’m keen to get as much feedback as possible (but be gentle)! Previously I only had a scanned image of the novel that was 13MB! But fortunately I've managed to get someone to pull it off an old 3.5" disk and now here it is in nice and easy to manage word format (and only a fraction of the size!) 
This was my disseration for my English and Creative Studies degree at Portsmouth back in 1997. If your interested in the writings of Jack Kerouac please delve in and let me know what you think!
Most of the poems were written to form part of a project an exhibition I put together with two friends and fellow students (Scott Madden & Al Brewen). This 1997 exhibition that also incorporated art works produced by Scott and Al and a short film (by Scott and I) was basically a response to the Allen Ginsberg poem Howl. You don’t have to be a genius to see what and whom have been a big influence. If your going to read anything please read “Ode to a tomorrow of perhaps and a yesterday of forget…” and “The hollow transient boredom endured”. They are my favourites by some margin.

SONG LYRICS (download)

This contains a link to a page where you can download and view song lyrics for:
  • "Days Seize You" by Novelistme
  • "The Long Wait" by Novelistme
  • "Dirty/Clean" by Sideproject
Note: As with the music there’s no charge or anything for reading any of this work. All I ask is please get in touch and let me know what you think of it (either by email andrew@novelistme.com or on the message board).


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You can also access my blog. The last major contribution to this was my 3 months travelling in Central America in 2014.

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