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What's New?


"Fine Listener" the new album by Novelistme will be released on Friday April 14th 2017. 


It's Hard (To Be In Love) from the album "The Long Wait" gets 3rd radio play on East Side FM in Australia on their Radio Show on 4th October:


It's Hard (To Be In Love) from the album "The Long Wait" gets 2nd radio play by Tom Robinson on his "Brian Eno talks to Tom Robinson" BBC 6 Music show 27/9/15

It's Hard (To Be In Love) from the album "The Long Wait" gets its first ever radio play by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music Recommends 25/9/15

"Days Seize You" the new album by Novelistme released to the world via iTunes, Spotify and other music streaming sites 02/10/14

Wildboys: St Anton 2014

Great video put together by Alex Healy from some Go Pro footage of this years snowboarding trip to St Anton. Check out the karate kick and back flip at the end!

Wordles Added 30/3/14

Have just added Wordles for Crashing In, my uni dissertation, The Long Wait and Dirty/Clean

Latest Update 3/1/12

It's a new year! And in those slack first days of January I finally get around to updating the website a little.

Anyway I finally managed to finish the album. Mixing it and finalising the art work took far too long (circa 4 months!) as usual but its now here:

20/11/11 Update

Finally managed to digitise and upload some of the old VHS videos I've been keeping for almost 20 years.

There's a number of videos ranging from videos of Vent (Mark 1 & 2), the "Teachers Band" @ Queensmead, my dog Bonzo, and holidays in Whistler.

12/6/11 Update

Finally have finished the 2nd album (The Long Wait)! Originally was toying with the idea of it being a double album but have seen sense and tried to distill it into one album that hopefully really hangs together.

Will spend the next few weeks sorting out album covers, getting it on Itunes etc. 

But for now I'm uploading the lyrics.

2/9/10 Update

Song I wrote after hearing the news of Clive Jarvis's passing.

1/1/09 Update
In a flurry of website activity over the quiet new year period I've added:
• Sideproject Debut Gig - Live at the Sly Fox!
It was pretty nervous and pretty scary but I managed to get through it. The first time I've ever sang in public. The 5 song set is being uploaded to YouTube currently. It's not exactly what you'd call amazing but its a start. Of the 5 songs 2 are from Dirty/Clean and the rest are new songs provisionally lined up for Second Lieutenant. 

• Crashing In (my debut novel) now downloadable in word format!
Don't have anything to read right now? Then try this and let me know what you think? 

• Kerouac's Unseen Journey - An Exploration of the Novel Form
After years getting dusty and me thinking that I only had a paper copy I've finally managed to get my hands on an electronic copy. So if you're interested in the writings of Jack Kerouac crack this open and try it on for size!

31/12/08 Update
• Dirty/Clean Lyrics
Had meant to put the lyrics up here ages ago but never got around to it. Have a read through and let me know what you think?!!!

• Updated Cool Stuff with my Music Top 11 explained
Come here these wise words and understand why Pet Sounds really is the greatest album of all time.

Slightly Olders Update

• Dirty/Clean by Sideproject
Finally the final version of the album as featured on the 50 CD's that were made is now up on the website.
Dirty Clean was recorded in two parts, the first was recorded in the 6 weeks I was back in the UK in the Summer of 2007 half way through my year travelling. The second part was recorded between January 2008 and June 2008 and finally finished, mixed and made up into CD's in July 2008 before my departure to Australia. They for the most part are songs I’ve had knocking around in my head for quite some time. The album is also available for download off the site for FREE.

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• Music Biography
To accompany the new music I drafted out a brief history of my musical journey thus far.

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• Publication of Crashing In, my first novel, and various poems from Universtiy
Crashing In was written whilst at Universtiy in Portsmouth and is now available for free download on the website. This was actually part of my course work that contributed quite a large amount to my final degree. In addition to this are a number of poems written back then for an exhibition we put on at the time.