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"Noise Daydream" the new album by Novelistme was released on Tuesday 1st December 2020.

13-05-21 - Thanks to @Indepndnt_Wave for featuring "Reveal The Truth" on their "Their Independent Wave Mixtape":


12-05-21 - Many thanks to @dustyplaylist for including "Make It Next Time (Everything You Do)" in their "#indie" playlist (track 192):


11-05-21 - Many thanks to Chris for featuring "Everything You Do (Make It Next Time) on his "Indie Rock That Rocks" playlist (Track 90):


10-05-21 - Many thanks to Brad for featuring "Everything You Do (Make It Next Time) on his "Psychedelic Rock Machine" playlist (Track 75):


09-05-21 - Many thanks to #spotlightmusic for featuring "Break It Up" on their "Most Necessary" playlist (track 280):


07-05-21 - Thanks to @josuethesis for featuring "Make It Next Time (Everything You Do)" on his "Personal Selection" playlist (track 662):


04-05-21 - Many thanks to Brad for featuring "Make It Next Time (Everything You Do)" on his "New Independent Playlist" (track 99):


28-04-21 - Thanks to @FroznHeartMusic for featuring "Make It Up For The Summer" on their "Alternative Rock" playlist (track 69):

21-04-21 - A small achievement but an achievement nonetheless: 100 Spotify followers and 14,600 plays to date.

19-04-21 - Thanks to @NijiMagazine for featuring Novelistme in their "Music Introducing" section of their online magazine:


15-04-21 - Thanks to @catorwebradio for playing "Reveal The Truth" on the radio!


14-04-21 - Thanks to Loft Music @thislightofficial for featuring "Break It Up" on their "Discovery Rock 08" playlist (track 99):


13-04-21 - Thanks to Chris for featuring "Break It Up" on his "Indie Rock That Rocks" playlist (track 84):


12-04-21 - Thanks to Brad for featuring "Break It Up" on his "Long Drive Home" playlist (track 97):


01-04-21 - Thanks to Michael Andrade for featuring "Problem" on his "Soundtrack 1" playlist:


31-03-21 - Thanks to @josuethesis for featuring "Break It Up" on his "Best music for 2020" playlist (track 388):


27-03-21 - Thanks to @GrimmHollywood for featuring "Make It Up For The Summer", "You Come At Tangents", "Slacker (Lie Lie Everybody" and "It's Hard (To Be In Love)" on his most recent #gaming #twitchstream:


26-03-21 - Many thanks to @Pathugh40 and his MMM radio show on @slackcityradio for featuring "Reveal The Truth" around the 40 minute mark just after @TheWho:


25-03-21 - Thanks to @josuethesis for featuring "Break It Up" on his "rock and pop" playlist (track 599):


22-03-21 - Check out the "r/Indie_Rock | Top weekly posts" playlist which features "You Come At Tangents":

19-03-21 - Thanks to @josuethesis for featuring "Ascend" on his "rock and pop" playlist (track 694):

18-03-21 - Many thanks to Emotional Feedback for featuring "Going Backwards" on their playlist:

16-03-21 - Thanks to #PostCardElba for featuring "Going Backwards" on their "New Metal and Hard Rock Vol 1" playlist:

15-03-21 - Many thanks to @josuethesis for featuring "Ascend" on his playlist (track 292):


12-03-21 - Many thanks to mySoundmusic for featuring "Ascend" on their "mySoundfeatured" playlist: 

10-03-21 - Many thanks to "Indie Pop Rock Sandwich" for featuring Mischief on their playlist:

09-03-21 - Many thanks to Loft Music @thislightofficial for featuring "Mischief" on their Discovery Rock 10 playlist:


22-02-21 Many thanks to @hybrisrec for including "Mischief" in their "RAW POWER - NEW ROCK" playlist:


18-02-21 - Many thanks to @hybrisrec for including "Ascend" on their New Indie 2020 playlist:

10-02-21 - Many thanks to @thislightofficial for featuring “Mischief” on their “Discovery Rock 08” playlist:


09-02-21 - Many thanks to @_bourbonblues Blues for featuring “Mischief” on their “Only ROCK!” playlist:

02-02-21 Many thanks to the "Indie Rock That Rocks" playlist for featuring "Mischief". Have a listen here:

25-01-21 - Many thanks to @dandelaghetto for featuring "Mischief" on his Indie Artist Mixtape - Vol 1:

21-01-21 - Thanks to IMusic by Bourbon Blues for featuring "What Is Love?" on their New Indie Music playlist:


19-01-21 - Many thanks to @thislightofficial for featuring "What Is Love?" on their Discovery Rock 06 playlist:

16-01-21 - Sharing Novelistme’s “A to Z of Influence” beginning with the letter A:

15-01-21 - Many thanks to @paulartrocker @ArtrockerTV for featuring "Asking a Question" on their radio show yesterday (circa 10 mins in). Have a listen here:

13-01-21 - Thanks to Chris for featuring "What Is Love?" on the "Indie Rock That Rocks" playlist:


12-01-21 - Many thanks to Loft Music @thislightofficial for including What is Love on their Discovery Rock 09 playlist:

11-01-21 - Many thanks to @RockEraMag for featuring "What Is Love" on their "Outstanding Vintage Riffs" playlist:

07-01-21 - Thanks to @EricJayk for featuring "What Is Love?" on his "This Rocks V" playlist:

06-01-21 - Thanks to @DustyOrgan for featuring "Break It Up" on their "From the Inbox" playlist:

05-01-21 - Thanks to Russel Carter @unknownsoundrecording for featuring "What is Love" on his "Independent Artist" playlist:


04-01-21 - Many thanks to Nick Aikens for featuring "What is Love" on his "Future Hits" Spotify playlist:


29-12-20 - Many thanks to Ofennel for featuring "What is Love?" on his "Rock It!" playlist:


23-12-20 - Thanks to @weswhite @RitualWedding for featuring Novelistme on his blog and giving me the opportunity to wax lyrical about music and share something old, new, borrowed and blue! Other than that it has nothing to do with weddings! Check it out here: 

22-12-20 - Many thanks to Nick Aikens for featuring "Reveal the Truth" on his "Future Hits" Spotify playlist:

21-12-20 - Many thanks to hey2u for featuring "Reveal the Truth" on their "Alternative indie December 2020 NEW RELEASES" playlist: 

18-12-20 - Many thanks to http://Indie30.com for featuring Mischief on their "New Post Punk Darkwave Coldwave Shoegaze Post Rock - An Indie 30 New Music Playlist

17-12-20 - Thanks to IMusic by Bourbon Blues for featuring "Reveal the Truth" on their New Indie Music playlist:

16-12-20 - Thanks to Russel Carter for featuring "Reveal the Truth" on their Independent Artist playlist:


07-12-20 - Many thanks to Janglepophub for featuring “Break It Up” from “Noise Daydream” in their “Beat the delete #0087 new music recommendations today! 

02-12-20 - Many thanks to Monolith Cocktail @MonolithBlogger for featuring “In A Dream” from the new album “Noise Daydream” on his Spotify playlist for November:


"Nozeit" the 4th album by Novelistme was released on Tuesday 5th November 2019.

20-07-20 Thanks to @alt77com for reviewing “Stupid & Dumb” in their review of July releases! Check it out here: 

12-07-20 Many thanks to anaaacalderon for featuring my track “Stupid & Dumb” on her latest Spotify playlist. Have a listen here:

08-07-20 Many thanks to @josuethesis for featuring my track “Sonic Field” on his latest Spotify playlist. Have a listen here:

01-07-20 Thanks to @PaxLibertas2 for featuring my song “love capable” on the IMF June 2020 Spotlight playlist:

30-06-20 Thanks to @theocidestudios for featuring my track “Lift Your Eyes” on his latest Spotify playlist. Have a listen here:

02-05-20 Many thanks to @altangeles_ for featuring “Make It Up For The Summer” on their “98 Degrees + Sunny” Spotify playlist. Have a listen here: 

16-01-20 Thanks to @littleindiedose for featuring ‘Stupid & Dumb’: 

12-01-20 Thanks to DJ Benedict Arnold @BFFdotFM  for playing “You Come At Tangents” on his “The British Are Coming” radio show. You can hear it here on the recording at 70 mins 12 seconds:

31-12-19 Thanks to r/IndieMusicFeedback for featuring 2 Novelistme songs on their “IMF Favorite Songs” playlist:

26-12-19 Many thanks to @littleindiedose for featuring “Do You Have A Feeling?” as Track of the Week on the final Soundtracked of the year! 

08-11-19 Thanks to OBE Explorer for featuring Sonic Field from the new Novelistme album Nozeit on their new playlist!

Prior to the albums release many thanks to 2XS Rocks! radio for adding the song Slacker (Lie Lie Everybody) to their playlist!

26-10-19 - Many thanks to Bay Ridge Radio @BRCR1690 #BayRidgeRadio For their support of 6 of my songs!. Apologies I only just become aware of this!

19-10-19 "Hard Times"


"Fine Listener" the 3rd album by Novelistme was released on Friday April 14th 2017. 

Since the albums release it has enjoyed the following support / coverage:

26-10-19 - Many thanks to Bay Ridge Radio @BRCR1690 #BayRidgeRadio For their support of 6 of my songs!. Apologies I only just become aware of this!

19-10-19 "Hard Times"


02-08-19 "Sonic Youth On Bad Drugs"


24-08-19 "Good Idea At The Time"


17-08-19 "My Tomorrow Your Today"


10-08-19 "Come On In"


07-06-19 "Youth"


23/05/19 - Many thanks to @britpoprevival and @phonicfm for featuring "Keep Me Close" on their radio show on the 15th May. You can hear a replay of the show here on their Mixcloud recording. Keep Me Close features at 1:39 FYI:

23/05/18 - Many thanks to Razorcake for this review that was originally published back in May but I only just came across it! The review reads as follows:

Novelistme is a British band whose twelve-song album is reminiscent of early 2000s Radiohead. However, Fine Listener has more keyboard blips and bloops and groove than anything from Thom Yorke and company. One of the reasons for such a comparison is that the vocalist for Novelistme bears a striking resemblance to Yorke. Yet, with their frequent hypnotic rhythms, Novelistme seems more meant for a dance club than a stadium. This is all to say that it’s good, but not great. When it comes down to it, I’ll take my Radiohead albums over bands that come close to sounding like them. –Kurt Morris (novelistme.bandcamp.com) 


17/07/18 - Many thanks to Fuzzy-sun.com for featuring "My Tomorrow Your Today" on their Music Update:


30/06/18 - Many thanks to @thedevilstuna for featuring “Finger In Your Eye” on their weekend mix:


10/05/18 - Many thanks to @AOWleblog for featuring “Good Idea at the Time” on his blog. The original feature is in French but a Google translation reads as follows:

I already talked about the work of this British project a few months ago. NOVELISTME is an Electro-Rock project . The result vaguely evokes RADIOHEAD. RADIOHEAD, one of those bands of which I have too much, too much heard the music in bad conditions and that the last single of NOVELISTME makes me want to listen again in better conditions. The song "The Long Wait" is as bright as a morning of spring. This is the song we listen to in the morning because it puts sun in your heart.


05/05/18 - Many thanks to @thedevilstuna for featuring “Good Idea At The Time” on their weekend mix:


06/03/18 - Many thanks to The Devils Tuna for featuring "F*** Digital" as their "New Music To Delight Your Ears" feature:

Today's track of the day comes from London renaissance man Andrew Price, aka Novelistme. Andrew, who in addition to his impressive forays into music has also written poetry, novels and is an accomplished photographer, has appeared on the blog regularly since his first appearance on September last year, Weekend Mix 2nd September 2017).
The aggressive F*** Digital (the asterix betraying a slight loss of nerve?) is a bite the hand that feeds me attack on digital music and a celebration of the physical artefact "something I can hold". It sounds like a cross between Elvis Costello's Radio Radio and the Hives having a millennial meltdown. Somewhat ironically the track is available for streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify, although it is also available as a physical product on the Novelistme album Days Seize You from 2014.
So have the digitalistas won? Possibly, it would be very difficult for me to bring you music without streaming, but in the true spirit of punk we don't have to like it. Here's to a world of physical records, artists who can make a living off their recordings and the beauty of the physical artefact!


25/02/18 - Many thanks to Graeme Smith @ York Calling for this feature on their website:

We’ve been sharing a few tracks by UK rock band Novelistme recently. Their latest F*** Digital is lo-fi punk in its purest sense.
As the name suggests, F*** Digital is an ode to analogue. Lyrically and musically, the track celebrates physical music. Grungy riffs and distorted vocals create something that feels tangible and real.
Unsurprisingly, Novelistme have hit the radar of BBC 6 Music and they’ve definitely hit our radar too. Check out F*** Digital below.


19/02/18 - You can now purchase physical limited edition copies of Novelistme's 3rd album "Fine Listener" here whilst stocks last:


17/02/18 - Many thanks to @NordicRecords for featuring Novelistme track “Cooler” on their Spotify playlist (no longer available).

10/02/18 - Many thanks to The Devils Tuna for featuring "It's Hard (To Be In Love)" on their 10th February Weekend Mix:


23/01/18 - Many thanks to York Calling for featuring "Try Living"

"Try Living is the latest track to be released by indie rockers Novelistme, with the song featuring a sound very reminiscent of the rock style that ended at the end of the 90s. That isn’t to say that this is a bad song though, and to a lot of people that will actually be a good thing, as it harks back to a time period that is becoming very nostalgic for young people nowadays. It also helps that it’s a great track, and one where the band clearly wear their influences on their sleeves.

If you’re sick of the newer styles of rock that seem so commonplace in the music industry today, then check out Novelistme below:"


13/01/18 - Many thanks to The Devils Tuna for featuring "Decisions" as part of their weekend mix!

"Decisions from Andrew Price, aka Novelistme, sounds like a long forgotten Tubeway Army demo".


10/01/18 - Many thanks to Left Bank Mag for featuring both "Sonic Youth On Bad Drugs" and "It's Hard (To Be In Love)" on a full page spread dedicated to Novelistme!

"I’m having way too much fun today discovering new music. One of those bands is Novelistme (which if anyone knows me, knows that I love books so this is an added bonus whether they like it or not).

They submitted a track to me a while ago, which we will get to. But after a nice rabbit hole of aural pleasures, I came across this other track “Sonic Youth on Bad Drugs” which sounds like both a dream and also a nightmare.

Their entire Soundcloud is filled with shit too good to miss—thinking of spending the whole day wrapped up in their tunes. Which brings me to this new track by these wild Brits, called “It’s Hard (To Be In Love)” cuz let’s be honest, it is.

The track is urgent, powerful, and loud. Go on, let your ears bleed. It’s worth it."


08/01/18 - Many thanks to VelvetyBlog for featuring "Decisions" in their first weekly selection of 2018.

"A multidisciplinary project born in London after which is the restless Andrew Price . In its musical aspect Novelistme presented a few months ago its second album, Fine Listener (2017), an excellent rubric of the talented debut of the British, from which we rescued as a cover letter of the band a dark theme reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine , Ride or even Sonic Youth and where synthesizers and guitars bid for a place. A hypnotic sample of shoegaze with final electronic explosion included that is tasted of the pull."

Note: The above is translated from Spanish so we'll forgive any factual inaccuracies (Decisions is on Novelistme's second album "Days Seize You").


06/01/18 - Many thanks to York Calling for featuring "It's Hard (To Be In Love)" in their discoveries feature.

"Grungy licks are the order of the day from UK-based Novelistme. Reminiscent of Queens Of The Stone Age, pleading vocals are sung over distorted strings and marching percussion in their new track It’s Hard (To Be In Love)."


17/11/2017 - Many thanks to @weeclaire for featuring my track “Song of the City” as her song of the day:

"Novelistme's 'Song of the City' combines retro cool and tonnes of indie charm".

25/10/17 - Many thanks to Sounds Good blog for featuring “Something Brutal” on their blog and Spotify playlist. They describe the song as follows:

"We head into the slightly fuzzy as ‘Something Brutal’ performs some lo-fi goodness. Upbeat drums add a bit of sunshine to the distorted guitars and it all makes for some mild mindfuckery".

22/10/17 - Many thanks to @theczine for the album review of Fine Listener:

"This sounds like Radiohead's 'Kid A' in places (the keyboard sounds I think), which makes the experience very strange seeing as I've not heard an album like it in the seventeen years it's been, and I was so excited about that album coming out, and then ultimately let down (no pun intended). The singer sounds a little like Thom Yorke and the rest of the instruments sound nothing like Radiohead, but still I see parallels! In a nutshell, it's weird poppy rock music. I struggled with it when I first listened it it last night but this morning I've come around to it and it is rather intriguing".


19/10/2017 - Many tanks to Schmutzberlin for featuring “Sonic Youth On Bad Drugs” in their latest "new and notable" selection!

14/10/17 - Many thanks to GrungeCake for featuring "Sonic Youth on Bad Drugs"on its "5 new tracks to hear" playlist and providing this little review that I love:

"Tubes hum, Technics speakers fired up. 

“Sonic Youth on Bad Drugs,” I want to spike some up.

Joy Division / Depeche Mode vocals, I eat it up.

Production value, I don’t know shit, seems legit enough.

Come to Denver, please, and get that guest list out.

Not writer, but on Tuesdays, I can spew some stuff.

If it was then, and I had a life, I might wait in line for ya.


Colfax Patrol".

17/10/17 - First complete album review from Anotherwhiskyformisterbukowski!

First is the original French review:

Novelistme est un projet musical de rock alternatif avec un peu d’electro dedans. On a écouté leur deuxième album, Fine Listener, sorti en avril, et on adore

Je vous ai déjà parlé d’Electro Rock?

Vous allez penser que c’est ma nouvelle lubie et que je ne parle que de ça comme pour vous convaincre que ça va être « The next big thing » (parce que ça fait un moment qu’on attend que la scène rock nous sorte « the next big thing » plutôt que de ressasser les recettes de papa et papi). Mais non, rien d’obsessionnel là-dedans, c’est juste que parmi les projets qui me sont proposés en ce moment, il y a plusieurs très bons trucs dans le genre Electro Rock (ou Rock Indus, c’est pareil) et je préfère vous parler d’un bon truc qui change puisque sur votre blog culturel favori, on a décidé de parler des choses qu’on aime. En outre, sachant qu’on a une une partie du lectorat du blog qui est chaud bouillant sur l’electro, je pense que les projets qui fusionnent rock et electro sont un bon médium pour rassembler les fans d’electro et de rock (un peu ouverts d’esprit).

Derrière ce nom un peu pénible à écrire et à prononcer (même quand on n’est pas dyslexique), se cache Andrew Price, un artiste britannique complet et inspiré. A l’instar votre blog culturel préféré, le projet de Novelistme se décline en plusieurs contenus disponibles sur la toile : photographies, écrits et musique. De quoi cerner (ou pas) l’univers de Novelistme, l’artiste évitant de ne partager que des photos de ses concerts, de son chien ou de ses bitures.

Musicalement parlant, le deuxième album de Novelistme (disponible sur sa page Soundcloud) s’inscrit dans le genre rock lo-fi avec des effets electro pour compenser l’absence de batterie et remplir les blancs. Mais là où Andrew Price tire son épingle du jeu, c’est en faisant cohabiter des plans 100% Electro avec un Rock sonnant très « naturel ». Contrairement à des groupes chez lesquels tout sonne synthétique, des samples à la guitare en passant par la batterie et les effets sur la voix, Novelistme fait le pari de ne pas trop électroniser son propos. A côté de compos très synthétiques comme « Hard Time » ou « Flat Out », on trouve des morceaux comme « Song of the city » et « Something brutal » où la simplicité d’un riff et une mélodie à la Beck sont soutenus par de discrets tempi samplés. Je vous propose d’écouter « Sonic Youth On Bad Drug », une chanson qui fait une bonne synthèse du travail de Novelistme. Mais je vous recommande chaudement « Was A Hound Dog », un morceau southern rock et badass avec de la slide guitar et une voix bluesy qui donne des frissons partout!

Followed by Google's English translation!

Novelistme is an alternative rock music project with some electro in it. We listened to their second album, Fine Listener, released in April, and we love

I already told you about Electro Rock?

You're going to think that's my new fad and that I'm only talking about it as if to convince you that it's going to be "The next big thing" (because it's been a while since we're waiting for the rock scene to come out " the next big thing "rather than rehash the recipes of dad and grandpa). But no, nothing obsessive in this, it's just that among the projects that are proposed to me at the moment, there are several very good stuff in the Electro Rock genre (or Rock Indus, it's the same) and I prefer to talk to you about a good thing that changes since on your favorite cultural blog, we decided to talk about things we like. In addition, knowing that we have a part of the readership of the blog that is hot boiling on electro, I think projects that merge rock and electro are a good medium to gather fans of electro and rock (a not very open minded).

Behind this rather painful name to write and pronounce (even when one is not dyslexic), hides Andrew Price, a complete and inspired British artist. Like your favorite cultural blog, the Novelistme project comes in several contents available on the web: photographs, writings and music. What encircling (or not) the universe of Novelistme, the artist avoiding to share only pictures of his concerts, his dog or his bitures.

Musically speaking, the second album of Novelistme (available on his page Soundcloud) is in the genre rock lo-fi with electro effects to compensate for the lack of battery and fill the blanks. But where Andrew Price does well, it's making 100% Electro plans live with a Rock sounding "natural". Unlike groups in which everything sounds synthetic, samples on the guitar through the drums and effects on the voice, Novelistme is betting not to too electronically his words. Beside very synthetic compositions like "Hard Time" or "Flat Out", we find songs like "Song of the city" and "Something brutal" where the simplicity of a riff and a Beck melody are supported by discrete tempi sampled. I suggest you listen to "Sonic Youth On Bad Drug", a song that makes a good synthesis of the work of Novelistme. But I highly recommend "Was A Hound Dog", a southern rock and badass piece with slide guitar and a bluesy voice that gives chills everywhere!

2/9/2017 - Many thanks to The Devil Has The Best Tuna blog for featuring "62 Sound".
8/8/2017 - Many thanks to Acid Ted for making "Eno Calm" from the album Fine Listener his song of the day: 

28/7/2017 - @lefandemetal reviews "Was a Hound Dog" from the new album "Fine Listener".

Google translate tells me that their French review reads as:

The illustration does not look like anything but the sound, if not crazy originality, is very fat and groovy. The ideal place to spend the smooth heading on a rainy Friday morning. Enjoy

24/7/2017 - Many thanks to Wee Claire @ Wee World for making "Flat Out" her Song of the Day back on July 24th


It's Hard (To Be In Love) from the album "The Long Wait" gets 3rd radio play on East Side FM in Australia on their Radio Show on 4th October:

It's Hard (To Be In Love) from the album "The Long Wait" gets 2nd radio play by Tom Robinson on his "Brian Eno talks to Tom Robinson" BBC 6 Music show 27/9/15

It's Hard (To Be In Love) from the album "The Long Wait" gets its first ever radio play by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music Recommends 25/9/15

"Days Seize You" the new album by Novelistme released to the world via iTunes, Spotify and other music streaming sites 02/10/14

Wildboys: St Anton 2014

Great video put together by Alex Healy from some Go Pro footage of this years snowboarding trip to St Anton. Check out the karate kick and back flip at the end!

Wordles Added 30/3/14

Have just added Wordles for Crashing In, my uni dissertation, The Long Wait and Dirty/Clean

Latest Update 3/1/12

It's a new year! And in those slack first days of January I finally get around to updating the website a little.

Anyway I finally managed to finish the album. Mixing it and finalising the art work took far too long (circa 4 months!) as usual but its now here:

20/11/11 Update

Finally managed to digitise and upload some of the old VHS videos I've been keeping for almost 20 years.

There's a number of videos ranging from videos of Vent (Mark 1 & 2), the "Teachers Band" @ Queensmead, my dog Bonzo, and holidays in Whistler.

12/6/11 Update

Finally have finished the 2nd album (The Long Wait)! Originally was toying with the idea of it being a double album but have seen sense and tried to distill it into one album that hopefully really hangs together.

Will spend the next few weeks sorting out album covers, getting it on Itunes etc. 

But for now I'm uploading the lyrics.

2/9/10 Update

Song I wrote after hearing the news of Clive Jarvis's passing.

1/1/09 Update
In a flurry of website activity over the quiet new year period I've added:
• Sideproject Debut Gig - Live at the Sly Fox!
It was pretty nervous and pretty scary but I managed to get through it. The first time I've ever sang in public. The 5 song set is being uploaded to YouTube currently. It's not exactly what you'd call amazing but its a start. Of the 5 songs 2 are from Dirty/Clean and the rest are new songs provisionally lined up for Second Lieutenant. 

• Crashing In (my debut novel) now downloadable in word format!
Don't have anything to read right now? Then try this and let me know what you think? 

• Kerouac's Unseen Journey - An Exploration of the Novel Form
After years getting dusty and me thinking that I only had a paper copy I've finally managed to get my hands on an electronic copy. So if you're interested in the writings of Jack Kerouac crack this open and try it on for size!

31/12/08 Update
• Dirty/Clean Lyrics
Had meant to put the lyrics up here ages ago but never got around to it. Have a read through and let me know what you think?!!!

• Updated Cool Stuff with my Music Top 11 explained
Come here these wise words and understand why Pet Sounds really is the greatest album of all time.

Slightly Olders Update

• Dirty/Clean by Sideproject
Finally the final version of the album as featured on the 50 CD's that were made is now up on the website.
Dirty Clean was recorded in two parts, the first was recorded in the 6 weeks I was back in the UK in the Summer of 2007 half way through my year travelling. The second part was recorded between January 2008 and June 2008 and finally finished, mixed and made up into CD's in July 2008 before my departure to Australia. They for the most part are songs I’ve had knocking around in my head for quite some time. The album is also available for download off the site for FREE.

• Music Biography
To accompany the new music I drafted out a brief history of my musical journey thus far.

• Publication of Crashing In, my first novel, and various poems from Universtiy
Crashing In was written whilst at Universtiy in Portsmouth and is now available for free download on the website. This was actually part of my course work that contributed quite a large amount to my final degree. In addition to this are a number of poems written back then for an exhibition we put on at the time.