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Nurture Yourself
and have fun doing it

Classes meet on 
Mondays 9:30-10:30 a.m.
at All Saints Lutheran Church across from San Marin H.S.
first class is FREE

This gentle form of exercise, enhanced by a variety of tasteful music, 
is easy and enjoyable for anyone and everyone.
The class is carefully designed by Marion Rosen, a physical therapist who wanted to help people stay well and avoid injuries.  Madeline guides her class through restorative and preventative
movements that include mild stretching and simple dance steps.

      Many delightful results often occur
tight places soften
range of motion increases
stress eases away
flexibility and balance improve
pain is reduced
bodies are rejuvenated
people feel happier

Join us - you deserve it!


When I attended my first class, I hadn't been without pain in my knees and back for months.  The evening I was absolutely pain free.  What a great feeling!  Kristin

It has been really good for me to keep limber, balanced, and in tune with my body.  Elizabeth

After a week of hard, physical labor, that hour of soft stretches, easy dancing, and stress relieving floor work (to really cool music), leaves me in ahhhhhh!  Mark

It is a very nice form of movement, reminiscent of several disciplines I have practiced in the past, including yoga, Tai Chi, and dance.  What I liked about it was the "fun" factor and the relaxed atmosphere.     Annie

I really love this class.  Madeline is a great teacher and allows everyone to progress at their own speed.  The class is very comfortable to join, and everyone is enthusiastic about being there.  Judy

It is amazing how the Rosen Movement works.  Easy, yet I felt wonderful afterwards.  I was amazed since it was so easy and non-strenuous.  Holly

Madeline's Rosen class is a really great way to properly stretch your muscles and reduce your chances of muscle injuries.  I had read that moving stretches can be more beneficial than static stretches, and she has lots of creative ways to gently coax and comfort tight and sore muscles.  Plus, it's just plain relaxing and pleasurable.  Listening to music while nurturing your body is time well spent.  Karen

Madeline Martin
Certified Rosen Method Movement Teacher
For more information, call (415) 269-5825
or go to: http://www.meetup.com/Novato-Rosen-Movement-Gentle-Exercise-for-Fun-and-Wellness/
or visit: www.RosenMethod.com
or watch a video: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLttnNVhx_WhxysBM8MWTsArB0JiMEKUpa