The Dahlia Society of Nova Scotia was formed in 1985 by a small group of gardeners who took a special interest in growing “Dahlias”. The main objective of the society is to promote the growing of dahlias in Nova Scotia. 

This is done through regular meetings with informative programs, dahlia shows, tuber sales, newsletters, a web site and promotional displays at various gardening events. Our members promote dahlias in their own individual way as well, taking blooms to local exhibitions and garden club flower shows, placement of arrangements at church and community social events, sharing flowers with friends and neighbors, and providing a garden showpiece of dahlias for the passing public to view and enjoy.

The society meets at 7:00 pm, the 2nd Wed of every month except for July, August and December. We make contact in July through our annual Barbeque, and of course August is show time for everyone.

Our monthly, Dahlia Society of Nova Scotia meetings are held at the William Spry Center, 10 Kidston Rd, Spryfield, and is handicap accesssable!  Check the monitor in the lobby for room location.

We hope you will enjoy learning about our club and the things we do for our community. Please visit our Web site often for information on new and ongoing programs.

"It is a bold challenge to garden lovers generally to state that the dahlia is the flower of the greatest popular interest in America today. But facts are facts, and the dahlia is the flower that has shown the greatest development in the last quarter century in America . Its popularity has increased until now there are more flower shows built around the dahlia than any other flower."

"Introduction to Dahlias" by F.F. Rockwell in 1928.