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The study "Architecture & Design" by Pasquale Bonarrigo was born in 1989 when the newly Architect, after having completed the training of the practitioner, began his professional activity. The organization of this study is that it can provide the customer all benefits pertaining to the typical technical-design and consultancy work in construction and related branches, in construction, interior decoration, renovation, maintenance condominiums, relief, safety construction, land practices, tables micron, evaluations, technical advice to courts, etc. .. , private individuals, companies and public institutions...

Nova Architecture is an study based firm providing architecture and design services in both Italy and the Europe. Our primary focus is specialty retail, commercial, hospitality and food service. We offer a full range of services from planning/programming and schematic design concepts to construction document production and project administration. The firm emphasizes principal involvement on all our projects. Meeting the needs and schedules of our repeat clients attests to the performance of our client/architect relationships. Our goal is to create imaginative and practical solutions for our clients, always with the emphasis on design and quality...

You can contact the staff of architects pasquale bonarrigo through the website: study architectural...


As a special service to the mapping community, MyTopo is proud to host this collection of historic USGS topographic maps. This ongoing project is headed by historian Christopher Marshall and compiled through the efforts of many individuals. We are honored to be the stewards of this fine collection, making it available to all via the World Wide Web. For a discussion on the evolution of USGS maps, please check out the section on "Historic Topographic Maps". Select "About the Collection" for information on how you can help expand this library. Maps are scanned and processed by volunteers who share an interest in historic maps. MyTopo sponsors their efforts by providing free web space for this collection. For custom prints of current USGS topographic maps, aerial photos, and powerful Terrain Navigator mapping software, please visit: MyTopo.com ...


You can contact the staff of architects pasquale bonarrigo through the website: cadastre-cadastral...

Conservation of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage

International postgraduate programme "Economics and Techniques for the Conservation of the Architectural and Environmental Heritage", is the result of a joint effort with Universita IUAV di Venezia, Italy. The programme is distinctly multidisciplinary and is subdivided into two specialisation courses: * The specialisation in Techniques, Materialsand Building site operation aims at training highly qualified experts in the field of conservation and restoration, with a special focus on theoretical and practical skills, such as: knowledge of structural characteristics and building materials, survey analysis, decision making for priority interventions and building site administration, adopting analytical techniques and tools in the field of restoration and conservation. Related practical activities involve concrete examples within the mentioned areas. * The specialisation in Management and Economics trains highly skilled experts to identify advantageous investments as well as manage available resources and to design quality policies for the safeguarding and valorisation of architectural and environmental heritage within urban centres and territorial regions. The experts will be able to: establish a critical comparison of international guidelines and laws for the conservation of cultural heritage, apply methods of economic evaluation to public cultural heritage, identify integrated strategies for the promotion, management and development of cultural heritage markets... For more information visit: Academic ...

World of modern contemporary architecture

Modern Architecture & Design news. World of modern contemporary architecture and design news & architectural competitions. The Modern movement began in the 1920s when a small group of young architects felt all that had gone before should be rejected and that architectural design should start afresh. This fresh start, they declared, should be based on modern technology and a new, modern approach to life. Their innovations became the 20th century's dominant movement in architecture, crystallizing into the international style of the 1920s and '30s. In "Exploding the Myths of Modern Architecture, " Malcolm Millais explores the forces and factors that led to the emergence of the Modern movement, arguing that it was based on completely false premises. Millais offers a rarely heard perspective on the Modern movement, explaining its failures and how the well-meaning "revolutionaries" behind it gained and maintained power.


* Ideal for anyone interested in buildings and for all types of building professionals, " Building Structures "describes and explains the behaviour of structures in straightforward no-nonsense terms without calculations. Over 1000 user-friendly diagrams guide the user from first principles and a brief history of structural design, through all the essential concepts needed for understanding the buildings around us and the processes involved in their design and construction. In-depth case studies show the reader how these concepts can be applied to real buildings from Durham Cathedral to the Bank of China. Finally, the book shows how a simple approach can be taken to mathematical calculations, enabling deeper understanding to be accessible to all.


* Vai in una citta' europea e non sai quali architetture moderne e contemporanee ci sono? ... MIMOA ...ti offre la possibilita' di ricercare, in modo intuitivo, all'interno del proprio database di immagini di architetture georeferenziate. Il database e' continuamente arricchito dalla redazione e aperto ai contributi degli utenti che possono usare un sistema di caricamento delle immagini semplice ed efficace.


For more information visit: Academic architecture ...

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è un laboratorio multidisciplinare di architettura, lighting design, interior design e restauro architettonico.

Il nostro obiettivo è offrire ai nostri clienti un team di progettazione esperto che comprenda le complessità di ogni singola richiesta e sia dedicato ad ascoltare, sviluppare e realizzare la giusta soluzione progettuale.

is a multidisciplinary laboratory of architecture, lighting design, living spaces and historic preservation.

Our focus is to provide clients an experienced design team who understand the complexities of each unique customer requests and is dedicated to listening, discovering and delivering the right design solution.


es un laboratorio multidisciplinar de arquitectura, diseño de iluminación, diseño de interior y restauración arquitectónica.
Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer a nuestros clientes un experto equipo de diseño que va a comprender la complejidad de cada solicitud y se dedica a escuchar, desarrollar y aplicar la derecha solución de diseño.


STUDY ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN • A r c h i t e c t • Pasquale Bonarrigo

• V a r a p o d i o , Reggio Calabria, Italy

Arredamento & Interior Design
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Arredamento Interni
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Arredamento & Interior Design 



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