Baby Geckos

I hope this is okay.

The Unofficial Baby Gecko Patch for Wafuru's Gecko Breed

bodydata     sprites

Just adds a miniature version assigned to the first few ages.

 I take no credit for anything done with this (unless it's bad) - I just shrank the pieces and renamed stuff.  The Gecko breed is all sorts of belonging to Wafuru

Most of the baby body data are purely from Jewels' MultiMalay Norns, as are the arms and legs, for the same reason that all the babies look male...  (383 sprite files just for the HEAD?!  Ye gods!)

I don't actually have permission to host this, so don't go spreading it, uploading it elsewhere, or linking it.  Beyond just the threat of me throwing you into a pit of vicious lizards, it's just not a very good idea.

Officially, I present this offering of sweat and shoddily-made size alterations to Wafuru in tribute to the great and wonderful breed, the Geckos.

This page, of course, is temporary and will be removed on request.