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Nourish International Ohio State

International Project 2013 Summer – Cameroon

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Who is Nourish International?

Nourish is a student non-profit organization focusing on engaging global communities to end extreme poverty. We run small business and ventures around the year to raise money and devote it to our project.

Where will we go this year?

In summer 2013 we will go to Cameroon in west Africa to launch a women empowering project with our local partner, the Cameroon Association of Active Youths (CAMAAY).

where cameroon is            map for cameroon

What will we do there?

Cooperating with our local partner, we will run a small financial institute that gives out loans to women, and train them with basic money management skills, thus to improve their and their families' conditions.

This project can be counted as an internship if you want to pursue a NGO or NPO career!

When will we go?

Flexible during May and August 2013.

Do we have successful experiences?

In the past three years, our chapter has sent teams to Bolivia, Peru and Uganda and engaged with the local communities to help the people in need. And during the past years our 29 chapters across the US visited a lot of countries.

Check out this video of our Uganda trip last summer!

How much will it cost?

According to the estimation it will cost around 1600 dollars, including the air tickets, food and personal expenses. The accommodation is FREE!

Nourish is a student run non-profit, and we are dedicated to help people and fight poverty. So we DO NOT charge any administrative fees from student!

Is there any ways to support my trip?

The Nourish International National Office offers a scholarship of $10,000 to 5 eager Nourish members. The Ohio State University also has similar funding to support concerning students.

Interested? Come and view this Prezi!

We sincerely invite you to join us! If you are interested, contact us , come to our info session and apply now!

This summer, in Africa, make a difference!