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The Aftermath

I've just been on the Victoria Derbyshire Radio programme.  I was introduced as 'Paul from Dewsbury' - 

I made some notes but didn't get chance to say much.

These are the notes.

Questions that need to be answered.

Who knew but chose to keep quiet and why?

If it was individuals within an organisation how did the organisation only manage to find documents that damn Andy Coulsen over 4 years after he resigned?

Rebeka Brooks – I don’t understand how she still has a job but if you focus on individuals, when they go, the system stays.



Rebecca Brookes admitted to a parliamentary select committee in 2003 that they {QUOTE} ‘had paid the police’. - but nothing changed!

Fear of reprisals has left us with a political culture where politicians dance to the tune of certain elements of the media. It’s the fundamental reason why people turn up at the ballot box and can’t see a clear distinction between any of the main parties.

Although a judge will head the inquiry David Cameron has said that it’s his {QUOTE} ‘responsibility’ to sort it out. If he believes this then he needs to stand away as many people have asked questions about his own relationships. I don’t think anyone else would be trusted to deal fairly with their riding partner.

The Labour Party also has questions to answer. Ed Miliband has been quoted as saying that he’d stay away from the phone hacking story as he ‘WOULD HAVE TO ENDURE THREE YEARS OF HELL AT THE HANDS OF THE MURDOCH PRESS’.


Lets bring things together

Thursday at 14:30 - The amazing @harry_slater has updated the spreadsheet, combined lots of info and removed companies that have dropped their advertising from the News of the World. It's at the bottom of this page. The Google Doc will be updated in a couple of mins too. 

Update: Brilliant idea to tweet advertisers and ask them to donate their News of the World ad money to charity. 
It's how we learned to love Mitsubishi!
Campaign by @The_Z_Factor, legwork by @profanityswan, production by@thegreatgonzo and @paolability

It's 10.30 on Wednesday night and today has been crazy. I can't update this thing as often as I like (real job and all) but have done a great job of keeping things current. 
I thought it would be good to make things a bit easier to find. @eroticpuffin on Twitter if you think I've missed anything.

Bottom of page for the Excel advertisers list. 

Here for the Google Docs version. Thanks to @harry_slater for the update.

Update: There are now two more lists from @The_IstanBull and @CaptainPugwalsh. They have more info but please check the status of the firms before writing.

Here for @thegreatgonzo 's 'auto-tweet' list.

It was @The_Z_Factor  's idea and @profanityswan brought us together.

Rory Cellan-Jones Social Media v The News of the World story on the BBC is here

There are a lot of advertisers still to make a decision or that are choosing not to move. Please let them know, politely, how you feel.

Is this making a difference?

So far, it seems to be.

This was correct at 07:00 this morning. All has changed since then so see for the latest on advertisers. 

Ford was the first to make an outright decision to withhold advertising until an investigation is completed. Halifax and Npower and have said that they are still considering their options. Tesco and Virgin Media have said that they are waiting for the outcome of police investigations. Bearing in mind that these investigations might not be concluded until 2013, this seems like nothing more than a stall. We already know that much wrong had been done. This is publically acknowledged and compensation has been paid.

The allegations regarding the hacking of phones of families of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and Milly Dowler’s are undoubtedly shocking. Appalling too are the stories regarding the victims of the 7th July and possible payoffs to the police. While legitimacy of these claims will be revealed in time are the known facts not enough to take action now? Please make your feelings known to the people that can make a difference today. There are several options already on this page.

· Write or Tweet to the companies that are supporting the News of the World (see below)

· Sign the petition to demand an inquiry

· Sign the petition to stop the BSkyB takeover until an enquiry has taken place   


The power of individuals demanding a change has already shown that it can bring results. Don’t underestimate the strength that your contribution can make.  

How to make a difference
On Monday 4th July Mark Lewis, lawyer for the Dowler family, alledged that an investigator employed by the News of the World hacked the voicemail of the then missing Milly Dowler. BBC story here
This follows the revelations that the News of the World was complicit in the voicemail hacking of several well known people. They apologise for this here
This allegation has obviously caused many people to be concerned by the behaviour within such a powerful news organisation. To this end it has been suggested that individuals may want to contact companies that advertise with NOTW and ask if they will be revising their marketing plans. To make this easier I've made a list of many of these advertisers in an Excel sheet. There's the company name, execs name, role and email address. It's set up so you can mail-merge with it if that's your thing.
Please be careful not to make unfounded statements in your email, just express your concern as a citizen and consumer. 
You can download the list in Excel format at  the bottom of the page and I'll add to it as I get more information. You can also view it on Google Docs here
@The_Z_Factor Is very clever person started the idea to contact advertisers through Twitter and @thegreatgonzo has set up a page where you can click a link to 'auto tweet' these same people. You can go there here ->
@privatefrazer has made more info on advertising companies available here including postal addresses and customer service numbers.
You can contact me at @EroticPuffin on Twitter if you have advertiser info to add or feel free to make comments below.
This is a Microsoft instruction sheet for setting up a mail-merge in Outlook. Mail-merges let you send one personailised email to many people easily.



Google Doc to email company CEOs is Here

Spreadsheet version at bottom of page

The 'auto-tweet page'

easy email page by Paul “bitoclass”


 I'd like to explain why I’ve taken part in this.

Several people have asked about letting the market deal with it or should we wait for a formal enquiry or investigation? I personally had concerns about tackling advertisers until if/when the Milly Dowler phone hacking was proven and I discussed it with Andy Dawson (@profanityswan) late Monday night.

On reflection there’s a real impetus for something to change. Although the Dowler hacking is, as yet, unsubstantiated we do know that a great deal of similar wrong doing has taken place. Compensation has already been paid by the News of the World in several cases and there are more pending.

We’ve also heard that this wasn’t limited to The News of the World. Many people have read much into the reluctance of many tabloids to run these articles as front page stories. If there is a formal enquiry it’s likely that breadth of phone hacking and the like will be staggering. This is all speculative but what we do know to be true today is that many people have had their civil liberties grossly violated and that without the public showing their disgust, it will be forgotten in time.

So, I made a decision to try to do something. I’m an ordinary guy with an ordinary job but I recognise that if you show people that they can add pressure in the right places, it can change things. @The_Z_Factor  and @thegreatgonzo have made a huge impact on Twitter and I don’t want to replicate this. I just think that if people can show the chief execs and CEOs how strongly they feel about the newspaper that they give money to, they may reconsider their marketing. There are lots of ways to do this but I thought I’d help by providing a list that makes it easy to get in touch with these decision makers. 


Paul Friend,
Jul 7, 2011, 6:34 AM