The Nottinghamshire Philatelic Society Dinner
Rancliffe Arms, Bunny,  18 April 2018.
(Photos by Maria Hall)

The 104th Year Society dinner was held at The Rancliffe Arms in Bunny. It was attended by 23 members and guests. Our poet laureate, George Kirkham, was present and recited a specially composed poem:

The Society's bun fight
Was on a Wednesday night
The Rancliffe Arms, our destination.
We'd been there before
So we knew the score
And Rancliffe's grand reputation.
We were shown to our room
And we all sat 'doon'
Full of anticipation.
We greeted each other
Whether sister or brother
Or even by marital relation.
Our plates piled high
With spuds, gravy and pie
And to heck with indigestion.
Those who felt good
Went for some pud
And scoffed with great expedition,
Feeling full and replete
We got to our feet
And gave the organisers an ovation.
On going home by car
We thought 'this isn't far'
It was nearer than our expectation.
If the bosses are up to the task
We would humbly ask
For at least a suitable repetition.

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