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NameResearch InterestsWebsitePosition
Antonia Hamilton Cognitive and brain systems for action understanding in typical and autistic individuals Lecturer 
Danielle Ropar Autism; social cognition; visual perception; visual illusions; drawing skills; categorisations; perceptual factors influencing driving abilities Associate Professor 
Lucy Cragg The development of cognitive control - the set of processes that underlie the ability to flexibly control our attention and behaviour; Neural mechanisms of cognitive control RCUK Academic Fellow 
Lauren Marsh action and intention understanding in autism  PhD student 
Andrew Manches The role of physical representations in learning abstract concepts. The potential to use this understanding to inform the design of emerging technologies such as tangibles PhD student 
Charles Crook cultural psychology of development, educational technologies Reader 
Camilla Gilmore Mathematical and numerical cognition in adults and children; the development of mathematical skills and dyscalculia. Link Senior Research Fellow 
Deborah James How does the mother/child relationship support the emergence of the perceptual and cognitive mechanisms that underpin early language learning?  Research Fellow 
Shaaron Ainsworth Learning from visual and multiple representations; learning by drawing; psychology and technology-enhanced learning  Associate Professor 
Aliastair Smith My research investigates spatial cognition at a variety of scales. This includes the study of drawing production and the processes that support it, search behaviour, and large-scale navigation. These functions are studied in both typical and atypical (e.g. neurological patients, genetic deletion) populations. Lecturer 
Richard Ramsey action understanding  
Sarah Cassidy Emotion Recognition and face processing in autism: can people with autism recognise other's emotions? If not, is this because of lack of attention to the eyes?  PhD Student 
Joanne Pybis The influence of perceptual and cognitive factors in the development of food preferences, specifically the role of food colour and a child's ability to name a food and also the development of categorisation of food compared with non-food objects.  PhD student 
Daniel Acquah Perspective taking, mental simulation, the philosophy of psychology, autism PhD student 
Sophie Batchelor  am interested in numerical cognition in children. In particular, the role of the nonsymbolic number system – or ‘number sense’ – in the acquisition of symbolic number. Research Associate 
Nicola Pitchford Literacy acquisition & disorders, orthographic processing in skilled & developing readers, cross-cultural influences on literacy acquisition, neurological impairments in childhood (e.g., stroke, cancer, prematurity), perceptual influences on cognitive development (e.g., colour cognition, food preferences & infant feeding behaviour). Lecturer 
Emma Davis The interrelation of cognitive and motor development and how this may be affected by age and/or gender Investigating the effect of a cerebellar tumour sustained in the preschool years on subsequent cognitive, motor, language and attention skills.  PhD student 
Ellie Limback I am interested in preschool children's development of prosocial behaviours. I am particularly interested in altruism, that is the ability to be generous even when you are not rewarded for the behaviour. I investigate how altruistic behaviour may be influenced by a variety of factors such as the characteristics of the recipient of altruism or the child's family environment.  PhD Student 
Amy Pearson Visual perspective taking and the mental spatial representation of bodies in autism  PhD Student 
Claire O'Malley Development of collaborative skills; collaborative learning; technology-enhanced learning. Professor and Dean of Graduate School 
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