Sunday15th June 2014
750m racing on the River Trent at Nottingham
Please see the regatta poster for more details

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IM1.8+, NOV.8+, NOV.4x-, SEN.4-, IM2.4+, IM3.4+, IM2.2x, IM3.2x, ELI.1x, IM1.1x, IM2.1x

Mas.8+, Mas.1x 

 IM2.8+, IM3.8+, ELI.4x-, IM1.4x-, IM2.4x-, IM2.4-, SEN.4+, IM1.4+, NOV.4+, ELI.2x, IM1.2x, NOV.2x, IM3.1x, NOV.1x

Mas.4+, Mas.4x-


W.IM1.8+, W.NOV.8+, W.ELI.4x-, W.IM1.4x-, W.IM2.4x-, W.SEN.4-, W.IM2.4-, W.SEN.4+, W.NOV.4+, W.ELI.2x, W.IM1.2x,  W.NOV.2x, W.IM3.1x, W.NOV.1x

Mas.8+, Mas.1x 

W.IM2.8+, W.IM3.8+, W.IM3.4x-, W.NOV.4x-, W.IM2.4+, W.IM3.4+, W.IM2.2x, W.IM3.2x, W.ELI.1x, W.IM1.1x, W.IM2.1x

Mas.4+, Mas.4x- 


J18.4x-,  W.J17.4x-, J16.4x-, W.J15.4x+, J14.4x+, W.J18.2x, J17.2x, W.J16.2x, J15.2x, W.J14.2x, J13.2x, J18.1x, W.J17.1x, J16.1x, W.J15.1x, J14.1x, W.J13.1x (PRIMARY), W.J12.1x (PRIMARY) 

W.J18.4x-,  J17.4x-, W.J16.4x-, J15.4x+, W.J14.4x+, J18.2x, W.J17.2x,  J16.2x, W.J15.2x,  J14.2x, W.J13.2x, W.J18.1x, J17.1x, W.J16.1x, J15.1x, W.J14.1x, J13.1x (PRIMARY), J12.1x (PRIMARY)
  • Entry fee: £10 per seat (coxes free). £2 surcharge for payment on the day.
  • All events raced downstream over 750m
  • No doubling up or boat sharing within a division
  • Primary events rowed in committee boats

Organised by the Nottingham Regatta Committee