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BICC & Super League
Playing Rules
BICC Contacts List
Playing Venues

BICC Player Registration Form
BICC Player Release Application Form
Superleague Player Registration Form

Handbook Vol 1

BDO Playing Rules
Section A - Index to Contents Volume One
Section B - Memorandum of Association
Section C - Articles of Association
Section D - Membership
Section F - Directors
Section G - Meetings
Section H - Finance BDO Accounts
Section J - Invitation Tables Men 2016/17
Section K - Invitation Tables Women 2016/17
Section L - Miscellaneous
Section M - Transgender Guidelines

Handbook Vol 2

Section A - Index to Contents Volume Two
Section B - BICC Player List (Start of Season)
Section B - BICC Player Registration Form
Section B - BICC Playing Rules
Section B - BICC Player Release Application
Section B - BICC Team Reg Form
Section B - Superleague Player Registration Form
Section D - BDO British Champions Cup
Section D1 - BDO British Champions Cup Entry Form Men
Section D2 - BDO British Champions Cup Entry Form Women
Section E - BDO British Gold Cup
Section E1 - BDO British Gold Cup Entry Form Men
Section E2 - BDO British Gold Cup Entry Form Women
Section F - British International Championships
Section H - Six Nations Cup Rules & Events Rota 2017
Section J - Youth Knockout Cup
Section L - Lakeside World Championships 2017 (Men)
Section M - Lakeside World Championships 2017 (Women)

Codes Of Practice

COP No 1 - Events
COP No 2 - Officials
COP No 3 - Disciplinary Proceedings
COP No 4 - Marathons
COP No 5 - Policy on young players
COP No 6 - Betting & Related Activity
COP No 7 - Sports Equity Policy
COP No 8 - Child Protection Policy
COP No 9 - Heath and Saftey
COP No 10a - Social Media Guidelines
COP No 10b - Social Media Disclaimer
COP No 11 - Sports Visa Information - Visiting UK

Regulatory Information

Visa Procedures

Anti Doping Information

BDO Anti-Doping Rules
Doping Control Leaflet
Doping Control Process
Players Guide to WADA and Anti-Doping
Players Whereabouts - ADAMS process
Theraputic Use Exemption (TUE's)
UK National Anti Doping Policy
WADA Prohibited List 2014
WADA Resources Guidelines

General Documents

Invitation Tables Criteria 2016/2017
BDO Ranked Darts Events - 2016/2017
Winmau World Masters - Qualifying Conditions
List of Member and Associate Member Bodies
Frequently Asked Questions - BDO Eligibility


All enquiries concerning these documents and the interpretation of any Rules should be emailed to the Rules Executive,Frank Branscombe .