Nottinghamshire Darts Organisation Playing Rules and Regulations

Full Members of the British Darts Organisation

1. The name of the League shall be Nottinghamshire Super-League.

2. Membership to the League shall be by Election only.

3. (a) The Executive and Area Committee (hereafter referred to as the Full Council) shall meet on a regular basis to receive information and discuss any matters arising. A course of action will be decided on for the Executive Members to administrate.

(b) The Rules of Conduct of meetings shall apply. The Chairperson, or in their absence the Vice Chairperson, shall have an agenda for each meeting so that all members present are able to receive any relevant information and are able to discuss in an orderly fashion any matters that arise during that meeting. All meetings shall have minutes recorded for future reference. The minutes from these meetings shall be made available to all NDO members via email and/or the NDO website. There will be no penalty for non attendance.

(c) Each Team that is present will have 1 vote only at Full Council Meetings.

4. (a) Each Team will at the beginning of each season, pay to the League the sum of £50 (men), £35 (ladies), in respect of Bond Money for that season. The Bond Money can be returned to each team, by request, at the end of the season provided that the team has fulfilled ALL of their fixtures before the end of the season.

(b) All Teams and Executive Officers to supply contact details and venue addresses to the Executive Committee at the start of the season. Any changes to individual member details or Team details shall notify the Executive Committee at the earliest opportunity: i.e. change of address/venue etc.

5. (a) Any fines imposed on any team by the executive Committee will be taken out of that teams Bond Money. The difference in the Bond Money must be made up by the next meeting.

(b) In the event of any team accruing fines which exceed their bond money then their account must be brought up to date on or before the next meeting otherwise they will be expelled.

(c) Team Registration shall be £100 per team for the season. Team registration fees to be paid by the February meeting

(d) Individual Member Registration fees shall be £15 for senior players and £10 for players under 18. This fee covers members for membership of the Nottinghamshire Darts Organisation. All competitions entry fees must be paid for separately.

6. (a) All games - League, KO cup and Internal competitions (Gold Cup, Winmau, Lakeside playoffs, Average Competition) to be played on Sundays as dated in the fixture list.

(b) Each team must fulfil every fixture as dated including KO Cup.

(c) A Super-League Team should consist of a minimum of 7 players for the Men and 5 players for the Women. This will include the KO Cup rounds.

(d) KO Cup matches to be played as shown on the fixture list. The format to be as per Men’s/Ladies superleague as appropriate. The KO cup draw and order of play to be made on a round by round basis, with rule 14 (b) to apply to each round. Preliminary matches constitute a round.

(e) Any Team that turns up for a Super-League match without the minimum number of players will be dealt with by the Executive Committee. (This may result in a monetary fine per person short) Repeated offences may lead to the team being expelled and forfeit their Bond Money and any points accrued.

(f) Any player that is registered to a team that is expelled from the league may appeal to the Executive Committee for admission into another team.

7. Superleague fixtures are fixed and cannot be changed to another date for any reason – except those sanctioned by the Executive Committee

8. Any Team that is expelled from the League WILL lose their Bond Money and forfeit any points accrued.

9. (a) All matches to be played in a private room, bar or taproom. Provided, as far is practicable, that reasonable order can be maintained for the duration of the match.

(b) (i)  Start time to be flexible to accommodate teams who have to travel to remote venues but latest start time 7.30pm

(II) Where there is an unavoidable fixture clash with both Men’s and Ladies teams at home – discretion is allowed with all four captains to agree a mutually acceptable staggered start time (e.g. 4 pm and 7.30pm)

10. A payout for the highest overall average on a superleague weekend (Men and Ladies) will be paid out from NDO funds in the sum of £20 each (joint highest averages will be shared proportionately)

11. (a) There are no restrictions on the maximum number of players each team can register during the season, however at the registration meeting (held prior to the fixtures commencing) teams must submit a minimum of 9 player registration forms (men) and 7 registration forms (ladies) along with the appropriate sum of player registration fees as stated in Rule 5 (d) Subsequently all other registered player fees must be received within 2 weeks of signing whether they have played or not.

(b) A Team may register a player at match fixture provided that the registration form is counter signed by the opposing Captain before the match starts. (Rule 11(c) to apply)

(c) Closing date for new players to register for the League on the night will be 5 Matches before the end of the season. After this date the 7 Day rule for registration will apply.

(d) To comply with the 7 Day Rule a new player’s registration form must be received by the General Secretary 7 days before the intended next match in which they are to play. (Rule 12 to apply).

(e) Players may register for more than one team BUT the first team that they play for will be considered the team that they MUST remain with for the rest of the season. If a player registers for more than one team then all registration fees must be paid.

(f) There will be NO transfers during the season except where exceptional circumstances apply and these will be decided on by the Executive Committee.

12. Any Team that plays an unregistered player will be fined £10 and also forfeit the point for that set. No Bonus points will be awarded to any team winning a match by playing an unregistered player.

13. (a) Games shall be the best of 7 legs for Men’s and best of 5 legs for Ladies matches. 501 up, straight start, finish on a double, bust rule to apply i.e. if  a player scores more than the required amount then the score  shall not count and the player shall revert back to the score they required prior to their opponents last throw.

(b) The Dartboard shall 5’ 8” (173cm) from the floor to centre of the Bull; the Oche shall be 7’ 9.25”  (237cm) along the floor from the face of the Board to the rear of the Oche which will be 1.5” (40mm) high and a minimum of 24” (600mm) in length. The Diagonal distance from the centre of the bull to the back of the throwing line is 9’ 7.5’’ (293.4cm).

(c) During the match no player shall tread on the Oche, nor shall the player deliver any dart with his/her feet in any other position than behind the toe edge of the raised Oche, or an imaginary straight line extending on either side of the Oche.

(d) The caller in the presence of the players Captain or Team Manager shall first warn any player in breach of this rule. Any dart subsequently delivered in breach of this rule shall be a no score and will be declared invalid by the match referee or caller.

(e) At all Super League matches the score recorder shall be deemed to be the match referee. (See attached Appendix 3 covering BDO Playing Rules).

14. (a) Competing teams shall play Home and Away matches where possible. There will be 9 players for Men and 7 for the Ladies. Prior to the start of each season the fixtures will be set depending upon the number of competing teams. This may mean that teams play each other only once during the league season.

(b) All players must be present at the start of the draw and must countersign the match sheet before play commences.

(c) If a team does not have sufficient players to complete a match then the team that has a full side shall be able to choose his or her side to match the number of players present in the opposing side. The team with insufficient players should put all players back into re-draw who shall play the final games as SUBS to enable all players to attain their averages. The word SUB to be entered on the sheet in the blank player’s name(s). In the event of the player marked SUB winning the set, the legs (3) and the point, shall be awarded to the team with the players name entered. (Bonus point only to be awarded if the named player wins the game) Where a player plays twice (once as SUB) only the valid match to count. The average of the player against the SUB will be counted.

(d) Home Teams are to supply markers, callers and checkers. Where circumstances occur that this could be a problem then the two Team Captains will decide on the best procedure for the match.

15. (a) Each Home Team secretary shall forward to the Fixtures Secretary and the Men’s/Ladies County captains the result sheet, complete with scores, tons, signatures, sets and legs.

(b) Registered players who were in attendance but did not play shall be named on the bottom of the sheet. The sheet shall be signed by both Team Captains/secretary.

(c) The sheet shall be sent in by the Wednesday following the match. Failure to return the result sheet by the due date shall incur a fine of £5.

16. All complaints or grievances must be made in writing to the Chairman of the Nottinghamshire Darts Organisation. Such letters must be received by the Chairman within 14 days of the incident taking place. £5 must also be received by the Chairman to accompany any such complaint or grievance, this money will be returned in the event of the complaint or grievance being upheld, unless the Committee find and consider it be frivolous.

17. All members/teams shall behave in a manner stipulated according to the Code of Conduct (See Appendix 1) of the Nottinghamshire Darts Organisation. All members/teams shall also adhere to the Complaints and Grievance Procedure. (See Appendix 2). Any player contravening this rule will be asked to attend the next monthly meeting to account for his/her behaviour. If the episode is proven then the Full Council will decide on a suitable course of action in accordance with the Complaints and Grievance Procedure.

18. County teams to be selected by a selection committee comprising Team Manager, Men’s Captain, Ladies Captain

19. Contributions towards expenses will be considered by the County for players/teams qualifying for event finals. (Area and Regional). The amount of expenses shall be voted on by the Executive Committee following qualification.

20. DELETED (per 2017 AGM)

21. (a) All Members must return to the N.D.O. all properties and rights that belong to the League when they cease to hold their position. This will include all equipment and paperwork also all passwords and codes associated with the web site.

(b) The Nottinghamshire Darts web-site is the property of the County and any changes to the site can only be done if authorised by the Executive Committee. All Passwords must be held by 2 Executive Officers and these passwords must be changed on the election of new Officers at the AGM.

22. The Executive Committee shall decide on any matter not covered by these rules. If such a decision means that there is a change to an existing Rule, or that a new Rule will have to be introduced, then this will have to be voted on at an EGM or at the next AGM.

23. At competitions, the losing player must mark the next game (or get someone to do it for them). A log will be taken at competitions and offending players will be suspended from all Nottinghamshire Darts Organisation future events for the remainder of the season. This will include Super League games.

Any circumstances that are not covered by these Rules and Regulations then the British Darts Organisations Rules and Regulations are to apply