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Other Injuries

These include:

  • Scratches and abrasions
  • Incisions
  • Oral injuries
    • Teeth – fractured, luxated, intruded or avulsed
    • Lacerations and bruises to lips and tounge
    • Torn labial frenum in infant or toddler
    • Palate/pharynx – burns from hot food, lacerations from cutlery/other objects forced into the mouth
    • Poor dental hygiene as a sign of neglect
  • Injuries to nails – avulsed or broken, subungual haematoma
  • Injury to hair – traumatic alopecia
  • Marks from tourniquets/ligatures – facial petechiae and external bruising to neck
  • Injuries from insertion of needles and injection of material into skin – fabricated or induced illness
  • Induction of hyperthermia or hypothermia
  • Deliberate drowning