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 Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood
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Welcome to school year 2012-2013! We at Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood would like to welcome returning families and new families as well. We look forward to having a fun and exciting new year!
At Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood, our loving faculty and staff are dedicated to nurturing the mind, body, and soul of all our students. Our aim is to provide each student with the resources to become global citizens based on the tenets of Catholic Education.

Notre Dame Catholic Academy is a learning environment that focuses on teaching and guiding each child individually. Our core emphasis is to teach as Jesus did and share the Gospel values with everyone we meet.

Our faculty is one of experience and dedication. They are committed to providing the highest quality of spiritual and academic education to students.

Lots of things make our academy special, beginning with our two-day a week Nursery program, where the children learn to socialize and share as they explore the world around them.

The Pre-K program furthers the process of communication and learning. Students receive closely monitored instruction in the fundamentals of learning. Our Pre-K class  will also be using a new Reading Program called Super Kids. The Pre-K portion of the Program is for Reading Readiness and is entitled, “Happily Ever After.” With the utilization of songs and characters, children as young as four will be introduced to the value of reading. We are hoping to receive funding enabling the program to continue into Kindergarten through second grade in the years ahead. This program incorporates skills such as Reading Comprehension, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Grammar, Expressive Writing, Listening as well as Handwriting.

Our primary students have their learning enhanced through the usage of a portable and stationary SmartBoards. This tool enables students to have interactive access to their learning. A computer lab also emphasizes the use of technology in the classroom.

Notre Dame Catholic Academy is proud of all our students as we averaged 6-10 full or partial high school scholarships last year. Every student taking a New York State Test in Grades 4,6 and 8 scored on or above grade level.

 The student government of Notre Dame Catholic Academy enables students of all grade levels, K-8 to participate and understand the value of school service.

          Learning is fun at the academy. Come and see for yourself!!!!!!