Donation Abstention Pledge


I wanted to thank everyone who has added their name to the open letter so far, and we welcome additional signatures.

In the process of speaking with many faculty members, it has become apparent that while many faculty support our cause, they are reluctant to do so publicly out of fear of some kind of retribution by the Administration, either to themselves or to other members of their departments. I find this concerning as I am sure many of you do as well, given that an academic institution is supposed to be a bastion of freedom of expression. If there is such apparent fear over a potential name change one has to wonder what kind of fear exists in other areas such as scholarship.

That being said, I feel that we should make our views more plainly clear and ask that you join us in abstaining from any contributions to Loyola fundraising campaigns until we are all sure that Loyola College will actually remain Loyola College.

I have drafted a short Donation Abstention Pledge that I would urge you to share with others. To sign onto the pledge just let me know through Facebook or the website. In both places the document will be posted.