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It has been recently drawn to our attention that the College is contemplating changing Loyola College's name to Loyola University. The name change is commensurate with Loyola's growth, as the college is now comprised of three schools. Founded in 1852 as Loyola College by Fr. John Early and eight other Jesuits, the college has seen miraculous growth, likely beyond the nine Jesuit's greatest expectations. While we understand and respect the consideration for a new name, renaming the college fundamentally strays away from what we as Greyhounds past and present value the most. As members of the Loyola Community, Loyola has afforded us great educations, relationships, service opportunities and great personal growth. While few would argue Loyola's position as a University, changing our name would be reflective of a changing tide, one that is not aligned with the small-community feel that embraces liberal education and the education of the whole person. The concept of a "university" is reflective of large and impersonal business that does not embody what we as alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of the college know the College actually is.


A name change:

  •      Compromises Loyola College's unique identity and makes us one of four Loyola  Universities 
  • Does not evoke any greater prestige
  • Is a significant financial endeavor, at substantial cost to the entire LC community
  • Demeans the small community nature that distinguishes the College apart from others
  • Has garnered substantial opposition from donors, hence posing a danger to the Evergreen Fund
  • Has not received longterm widespread debate among the ENTIRE Loyola Community
 We have a voice: Our money funds scholarships, the library, first year programs, technology, maintenance, research, community service and student organizations. We are still Greyhounds. Let your voice be heard. Letters, phone calls, etc. use your imagination.



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W  E   A  R  E   L  O  Y  O  L  A   C  O  L  L  E  G  E

James M. De Leon,   B.S. '06