Hello World

And welcome to my attempt to bring some Order to the Chaos. No doubt Maithrie will tell me that she likes chaos, that chaos is a good thing, that chaos is part of life, that it is inevitable and inescapable. And I'm sure she's right.

But, dear reader, you may want to know what's going on. And if you can't get us on the phone, or it's too early in the morning (and most of the morning is too early) then this is the place to look.

I keep getting asked a few questions:
  • When is the wedding?
    • 11am on Saturday, 15th November. Yes, this year.
  • How are things going?
    • Some of them are organised. Some not so much. Enjoy the journey...
  • Is there a wedding list?
    • There are several. We have a page for that. Over here!
  • Where is the wedding?
    • It's in Wilford Parish Church, Nottingham. Over there!
  • How do you get there?
    • The nearest airport is East Midlands, and from Belfast there are flights with Ryanair and BMI Baby.
  • What language is the writing above the rings?
    • It's in English.
  • Really?
    • Yes. Of course it is.

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