Be a notloB volunteer!

This series is 100% volunteer-powered.

notloB Folk Concerts are 100% volunteer run and not for profit.  100% of the patron donations, less  production expenses (rent, green room food, publicity) go to the artists.

Each concert is a labor of love that requires many hours of volunteer effort.  Volunteering is fun and very rewarding.  Each show requires 3-5 people.

It may appear that producing a concert is a cake walk, but much needs to be done behind the scene. Volunteers perform a variety of tasks, typically

  • Room set-up / take-down
  • Hospitality (refreshments)
  • Artist merchandise sales
  • Taking donations
Between concerts we need help doing publicity: 
  • e-publicity
  • street team (especially if you have access to a color copier)
  • website hosting and administration

In exchange for being selected to assist for about 4 hours/concert doing varied tasks, volunteers receive

  • A seat (when not needed elsewhere)
  • Knowledge how to produce a concert
  • Something to put on your resume
  • Hands-on marketing and promotions experience
  • Networking and developing contacts
Applying is no guarantee to being selected.  Having volunteered once is not a guarantee you’ll be asked to return.  Volunteers will be invited by email to apply for upcoming concerts. Volunteers will be selected on the basis of need, experience, fit and dedication, with preference given to those who have a good history.  Volunteers will be under the supervision of myself or designee.  

If you have questions or wish to apply, please send email with your qualifications and interests to  Or see a volunteer at a concert. 


Thank you for supporting live acoustic music in Jamaica Plain, and the greater Boston area.

Jeff Boudreau

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