notloB Folk Concerts has produced not-for-profit concerts in the greater Boston area since 2007. The series is volunteer-run; 100% of the donations go to the musicians and production expenses. 

notloB produces larger, amplified concerts at the 175-seat Unity Somerville, three blocks north of near Davis Square.

The concerts, so far.....
Daate Venue Artists
06/02/07 LGH Sometymes Why
06/09/07 LGH Mike & Ruthy Merenda w/ Torey Adler
06/20/07 LGH Sharon Lewis & Rose Polenzani
07/20/07 LGH Danielle Miraglia & Tom Bianchi w/ Brendan Hogan
08/11/07 LGH Dave Carter Tribute - Adam Sweeney, Eric McDonald, Beth DeSombre, Ryan FitzSimmons, Dana Price & Chris Thompson
08/18/07 LGH Geoff Bartley w/ Eliza Blue
09/21/07 LGH Brian Webb
10/06/07 LGH Dennis Brennan w/ Mary Lou Ferrante
10/20/07 LGH Teresa Storch & Lenore
11/02/07 LGH Rowan Brothers w/ Eric McDonald
11/10/07 LGH Kristin Cifelli w/ Carrie Cheron
11/17/07 LGH Mare Wakefield & Dan Gonzalez
12/15/07 LGH Jud Caswell & Pat Wictor
12/22/07 LGH Bob Franke
01/19/08 LGH Jon Shain w/ Robin O'Herin
02/09/08 DC Benefit for VFP: Chuck Williams, Beth DeSombre, Lenny Soloman Band, Michael Troy)
02/29/08 LGH Kristin Andreassen with Laura Cortese & Tristan Clarridge
03/01/08 LGH Ryan Fitzsimmons & Greg Klyma
03/15/08 LGH Lissa Schneckenburger w/ special guests Matt Heaton and Corey DiMario
03/22/08 LGH The Tornado Rider Band (Rushad Eggleston &  Gabriel Cazes) w/ The Accident That Led Me to the World
04/05/08 LGH Chris Merenda & Adam Sweeney
04/19/08 LGH Hungrytown (Rebecca Hall & Ken Anderson) w/ Molly Pinto-Madigan
05/03/08 LGH Tripping Lily
05/17/08 LGH Alastair Moock
06/20/08 LGH Flynn 
06/28/08 LGH Mike & Ruthy Merenda & special guest Lyn Hardy
08/13/08 JD Dave Carter Tribute - Chris Thompson, Beth DeSombre, Ryan FitzSimmons, special guest Eric Lee
09/20/08 CHPC John Flynn & Greg Greenway
11/01/08 CHPC The Folk Brothers (Jack Hardy & David Massengill) with very special guest Peggy Seeger; Fionnuala O'Donovan opens
11/15/08 CHPC Mary McCaslin & Geoff Bartley
01/31/09 CHPC Sacred Shakers w/ Mark Brine
02/28/09 CHPC The Hanneke Cassel Band, featuring Ari Friedman and Christopher Lewis w/ Fionnuala O'Donovan
03/28/09 CHPC Bob Franke & Martin Grosswendt
04/11/09 PACC Broken Blossoms & Folk Arts Quartet
05/09/09 PACC Joy Kills Sorrow & The Boston Boys
05/16/09 Jackson Newton Celtic seisiún led by Sean Smith, featuring Katie McNally & Doug Lamey
05/23/09 PACC FRFF "most wanted" showcase and benefit, featuring Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers and Abi Tapia
06/05/09 US Spider John Koerner w/ Elizabeth Butters
06/19/09 Jackson Brendan Hogan & Frank Morey
07/10/09 US The Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band
07/11/09 Jackson Mary Lou Ferrante & US Sam
08/15/09 Jackson Tim Mason & Tom Begich
09/11/09 US Jonathan Byrd, Greg Klyma & Anthony DaCosta
10/03/09 US Malinky w/ Matching Orange
10/10/09 Jackson Mark Brine
10/25/09 GHC Marylou Ferrante
11/06/09 US Lissa Schneckenburger Band w/ Ari and Mia Friedman
11/21/09 Jackson Claudia Nygaard 
11/22/09 GHC Claudia Nygaard 
12/04/09 US Jeremy Kittel Band (featuring Tristan Clarridge, Simon Chrisman and Bodek Janke)
12/12/09 Jackson David Massengill
12/13/09 GHC David Massengill
01/23/10 US Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers
01/29/10 Jackson Jim Infantino
02/12/10 US Sam Weiser Band, a benefit for the New England Folk Music Archives
02/25/10 GHC Sarah McQuaid
03/07/10 Jackson Geoff Bartley
03/12/10 US Red Hot Blacktop w/ Matching Orange
03/14/10 GHC Lucky 13
04/11/10 Jackson Hannah Sanders and Liz Simmons
04/17/10 LGH Tri
05/01/10 US Tao Rodriguez-Seeger Band
05/15/10 LGH Jim Hurst
06/04/10 US Long Time Courting
08/13/10 US Folk Arts Quartet
09/08/10 LGH Jenee Halstead & Robby Hecht 
09/17/10 LGH  
09/18/10 LGH Tornado Rider
09/24/10 US Ben Powell Quartet
10/01/10 US Andrew McKnight
10/03/10 GHC Andrew McKnight
10/27/10 LGH David Rovics 
11/05/10 US Guy Mendilow Band
11/06/10 LGH Tony Bird 
12/04/10 LGH Julie Metcalf and Mariel Vandersteel
02/05/11 LGH Stash Wyslouch & Andy Reiner
03/04/11 US Chasing Blue & Joe's Truck Stop
03/19/11 LGH John Roberts & Debra Cowan
04/08/11 US The Bee Eaters
05/07/11 US Tornado Rider
05/13/11 LGH Bread and Bones
09/23/11 US Kyle Carey
10/20/11 LGH Flynn Cohen & the Deadstring Ensemble featuring John McGann, Matt Heaton, and Danny Noveck
02/04/12 LGH Julie Metcalf and Andy Reiner
02/17/12 US Kimberly Fraser, Brian Conway & Mark Simos
03/02/12 LGH Katie McNally & Eric McDonald
04/12/12 LGH Darol Anger & Emy Phelps w/ special guest Sharon Gilchrist
05/23/12 LGH Jim Hurst
08/17/12 LGH Sandra Wong & Ross Martin
10/10/12 LGH Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher
11/01/12 LGH Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy
11/08/12 LGH Mike + Ruthy
12/08/12 LGH August Watters and Jose Lezcano
01/18/13 LGH Katie McNally & Eric McDonald
02/18/13 Watertown Brittany Haas, Natalie Haas, Lily Henley and Kellen Zakula w/ Rene del Fierro
02/23/13 LGH Fellswater
03/09/13 LGH Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Catherine Bowness and George Clements
04/21/13 Watertown Paul Geremia
04/25/13 LGH Dakota Dave Hull
05/17/13 LGH Joey Abarta and Paddy League with special guest Nathan Gourley
05/31/13 Watertown The Grant Gordy, Darol Anger, Joe Walsh and Karl Doty Quartet
06/02/13 LGH 6th Anniversary / 100th Concert Open House
10/05/13 Watertown Darol Anger and Emy Phelps with Family and Fiends!
11/01/13 JPUU Fellswater w/ Elizabeth and Ben Anderson
12/07/13 JPUU Darol Anger Berklee string Quartets
12/08/13 Watertown Brittany Haas, Joe Walsh and Owen Marshall
02/12/14 Watertown 4TET (Jordan Tice, Brittany Haas, Cleek Schrey and Nic Gareiss)
02/28/14 Watertown Evie Ladin and Keith Terry
03/31/14 Watertown 10 String Symphony and Tattletale Saints
04/19/13 Watertown Molly Tuttle Trio featuring John Mailander and Brittany Karlson
CHPC Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church
DC The Democracy Center
G Grafton private residence
JD Johnny D's
JH Jackson Homestead
LGH Loring-Greenough House
PACC Park Avenue Congregational Church
US Unity Somerville
W Watertown private residence