This section contains specific information about the music genre and level of artists we present and our venues. Please understand we present in "a niche of a niche" (credit: Lorin Rowan), thus need to be highly selective. This is not a slight against any genre or artist, rather is what it is.

If you are an artist or agent representing an artist interested in performing a notloB concert, here are some things you might like to know.  We get a lot of booking requests, but due to a finite number of concerts each year cannot oblige all.  

What do we present?

notloB presents old-time and blue grass (Brittany Haas, Sharon Gilchrist, Kristin Andreassen, David Grier, Jim Hurst), traditional / traditional-based folk (Lissa Schneckenburger, Debra Cowen, John Roberts), social justice folk (Tony Bird, David Rovicks, Jack Hardy, David Massengill, Pegy Seeger), Celtic and Cape Breton (Hanneke Cassel, Natalie HaasTannahill Weavers, Malinky, Wendy MacIsaac, Andrea Beaton, Kimberly Fraser, Flynn Cohen), country blues (Spider John Koerner, Paul Geremia, Geoff Bartley, Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons, Elijah Wald) and progressive string-based music (John McGann, Darol Anger, Rushad Eggleston, Joe Walsh, Grant Gordy, Jordan Tice, Stash Wyslouch, Dominick Leslie, Mike Barnett). Read our complete artist history here.

notloB also produces a "rising" series featuring mostly undergraduates and graduate students from Berklee School of Music and New England Conservatory. Past "rising" artists have included John Mailander and Molly Tuttle, Ellie Buckland and Isa Burke, Cat and The Moon, Dylan McKinstry, Dan Bui, Adrinna Ciccone, Jacob Means and Friends, High Rock Mountain, Elizabeth and Ben Anderson, Fresh Haggis, Lady Rogo and Friends, Jenna Moynihan and Mairi Chaimbeul, Nate Sabat and Elise Bouer/Sumaia Jackson and Friends, JD Williams, and many others. 

Where do we present?

notloB produces concerts in four venues in the greater Boston area, ranging in size from 35 to 175 seats. Our terms are very generous.  We prefer our artists to have some draw history or at least some patron base in the greater-Boston area.  

What do we not present?

Do we present formulaic /written-for-Hollywood / AAA radio-friendly / introspective / contemplative naval-gazing / ethereal / self-centered / breathy / atmospheric / lumbersexual 'Murikana / alt-anything

In the immortal words of  JACK HARDY 


Boston is surrounded by a ring of church coffeehouses and clubs that present "chord-banging acoustic pop artists trying to sound like rock stars and doing a piss-poor job of it" (that's Jack again). We suggest you try one of them. 

What's next?
Thank you for reading this far.  For further information or to make an inquiry or to send an EPK, contact us via email to the address below. If you feel you / your artist and notloB would be a good match please provide your 
  • Artist's name
  • Contact information
  • Website and social media URL's
  • Links to videos / audio tracks (this gets extra points)
  • Boston-area performance history - venue name / date / ticket price / draw
  • Any other information you feel important to filling Boston-area seats.  
Include the word "pining" in your email's subject line (this indicates you have read this page) and email to notlobbooking at gmail dot com. 

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