Founded in 2007, notloB has presented to audiences throughout the greater Boston area well over 100 volunteer-run and not-for-profit folk, old-time, bluegrass, string band, Celtic and country blues concerts.

notoB Parlour Concerts presents...

Saturday, April 19, house concert
The Molly Tuttle Trio 
featuring John Mailander and Brittany Karlson
Molly Tuttle, John Mailander & Brittany Karlson create an honest and soulful mix of original and traditional music. They have a deep respect for the past, while also looking toward the future of acoustic music. This tight-knit trio formed after meeting at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. With a unique blend of provocative songwriting, tasteful arrangements and instrumental virtuosity, they are more than the sum of their parts.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014
The Guthrie Center, Great Barrington, MA

Join Team notloB at "Arlo Guthrie's Historic Garbage Trail" Walk to Massacree HD (Huntington's Disease)

In memory of Pete and Woody, we're forming a team to rasie funds to research and massacree HD (Huntington's Disease).
Info at
To join the team of walkers or arrange ride sharing, please email
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If you cannot attend the walk and wish to make a contribution see how at and designate "Team notloB"
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"Our 14th annual "Arlo Guthrie's Historic Garbage Trail" Walk to Massacree HD (Huntington's Disease) is a fun day riding in a VW Microbus to Theresa's Stockbridge Cafe where the 6.3 mile walk begins...not before having a delicious breakfast!
You will begin the walk by going to the "police officers" station and then on to the old town dump where you'll be entertained by the dump divas! Next you'll have some delicious ice cream & shrimp cocktail. Lastly you'll walk by Robby Baier's Soultube Studio & AmeriGas, ending at the Guthrie Center. At the center you will receive a free lunch compliments of Laurel Lake Center for Health @ Rehabilitation and enjoy some live music :)
Registration begins at 8:30-9:45 at The Guthrie Center, walk begins at 10"

notloB Parlour Concerts is seeking a new home(s)

Since 2007, notloB has presented over 100 volunteer-run, not-for-profit and mostly acoustic folk, old-time, bluegrass, string band, Celtic and blues concerts in unique spaces such as museums, galleries and private homes.

We are currently presenting at a private home in Watertown but after the Winter/Spring season 
02/12/14 4TET (Jordan Tice, Brittany Haas, Cleek Schrey and Nic Gareiss)
02/28/14 Evie Ladin and Keith Terry
03/31/14 10 String Symphony and Tattletale Saints
04/19/14 Molly Tuttle Trio featuring John Mailander and Brittany Karlson
the homeowners want to present more artists of their own choosing. So we will amicably be parting ways and notloB starts the search for a new home.
notloB would welcome your ideas for a new space in the greater Boston area.

Basic requirements:
+ Listening room environment
+ Low/no cost
+ Good acoustics
+ Capacity 40 plus
+ Nice ambiance

We are also open to working with a not-for-profit organization who could act as an umbrella so we could present at rented spaces, or with a church which would agree to a door split arrangement. We have two larger projects ready to go (one in late March, the other in May) that could easily fill 200-300 seats and be a great fundrasier.

If you have space or ideas to share, please email

The article was written for an Arlington news website, the new home(s) could be any Greater Boston community a reasonable distance from there.

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notloB Recommends...

Lord Geoffrey is a scurrilous card-carrying member of the Boston-area folk scene whose mission in life is to re-kindle the great folk scare by presenting vintage musicians of that era as well as up and coming young whippersnappers! Concerts are presented in intimate and unique venues in Cambridge and Somerville.

Lord Geoffrey's Winter/Spring offering is an unplugged series in Cambridge featuring rising young talent from the Berklee College of Music!  

he concerts are presented at at Outpost 186 in Inman Square, a gallery, not in a bar where artists compete with loud conversations nd blaring televisions, nor in a cramped basement where patrons are packed four to a tiny table!

Friday, March 21
Elizabeth and Ben Anderson
Sunday, April 13Joe's Truck Stop
Wednesday, May 14Fresh Haggis
Friday, May 16Lady Rogo and Friends
Saturday, May 31Jenna Moynihan and Mairi Chaimbeul 

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Sunday, April 13, 7pm
Joe's Truck Stop Acoustic
"Conceived at a greasy spoon, Joe's Truck Stop is here to replace the pills in that there jar. Please, put those away."

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There will never be any annoying ringtones at a notloB Parlour Concert! Before each, patrons are asked to turn off electric devices or put them in silent mode. Pianist Marc-André Hamelin has a tongue-in-cheek musical reply, "Valse Irritation", based on the Nokia ringtone.

Hamelin - Valse Irritation d'après Nokia 'Ringtone Waltz'

notloB Folk Concerts are dedicated to the memory of Jack Hardy (d. March 11, 2011), who, with David Massengill and Peggy Seeger, graced our stage November 1, 2008, and John McGann (d. April 6, 2012), who performed with Flynn Cohen, Matt Heaton, and Danny Noveck  on November 20, 2012. 
Rest in peace, Jack and John!
 "In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, notloB is keeping the folk tradition alive." ~ Jack Hardy 

notloB is run on a shoestring, actually less than a shoestring as we sometimes lose money on our productions. Our website - - is a free Google site. It really could use some improvements. Are you good with Google sites and have a few free hours? We'd love to talk with you! Please email

Since June 2, 2007, notloB has presented over 100 folk, old-time, bluegrass / newgrass, string band. Celtic and acoustic blues concerts to audiences throughout the greater Boston area. The concerts are volunteer-run and not for profit. 100% of the patron donations go to the artists and minimal production expenses.

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"Lord Geoffrey is a scurrilous card-carrying member of the Boston-area folk scene whose mission in life is to re-kindle the great folk scare by presenting vintage musicians of that era as well as up and coming young whippersnappers!" Concerts are at Johnny D's in Davis Square, Somerville.

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