Local Links

Here are links to some of the local resources, organizations and institutions that are most useful to new residents in NOTL. 

We make no attempt to be comprehensive because the links themselves often provide access to more detailed lists. If you would like to recommend inclusion of a new link, please email us at notlnewcomers@gmail.com


Tourism Niagara-on-the-Lake has a Calendar of Events that keeps you up to date with current and upcoming events in NOTL.

Each week, the Niagara Historical Society and Museum publishes a cultural newsletter, What's Happening Around Townlisting local cultural events including what's on at the Shaw Festival, Riverbrink, Fort George, etc. and upcoming dates for regular and one-off events such as the Ghost Tours, Walking Tours, art exhibits and so on. 


The bi-annual Community Awareness Guide is a great source of information about the wide variety of community organizations, charities, churches and programs our community offers. Published twice a year in August and in February, it's distributed with the Niagara Advance newspaper. Copies are also made available at the Niagara Advance office in Virgil and the contents are also duplicated on the Town's website.



Here are some links to major lifelong learning, arts and culture organizations:

Niagara Historical Society and Museum


MUNICIPALITY: NOTL, Glendale, St. Davids, Queenston, Virgil and surrounding areas are all part of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Information about town services and about living and working in NOTL are available on its website, where you can also sign up for the Town's regular email newsletter

REGION: The Town of NOTL is part of the Niagara Region. Information about regional services are available on its website.

PROVINCIAL OFFICES: A list of locations where you can notify a change of address or renew your drivers licence or health card etc. is provided on the Government of Ontario's Service Ontario  website. It also lists what services are available at various locations or online, and provides access to the main Government website.

GOVERNMENT OF CANADA: Service Canada provides a gateway to all Government of Canada information including local offices and online services. 


GO TRANSIT: Schedules

VIA RAIL: Website

NOTL RESIDENT PARKING PERMITS: Free one-hour parking for residents 

WELLAND CANAL BRIDGE STATUS:  Check whether canal bridges are open or closed

SPEED UP BORDER CROSSINGS: Apply for the enhanced drivers licence or Nexus pass to facilitate your travel to and from the USA

BORDER WAIT TIMES: the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission and Canada Border Services Agency post wait times on their sites