Sign up for a Weekend (or two)

Listed below are the 7 weekends of our wedding.  Please choose to come to one (or more) based on any criteria you like.  To give everyone an idea of who is coming when, please e-mail us as you schedule your visit and we'll add your name to the lists below.  If you are not sure when you will come, but are sure that you would like to, e-mail us anyway so we can get excited about your participation in the wedding.

Each weekend, we'll be available to host visitors Friday through Monday, and you can feel free to stay longer as well.  Most of the events will take place on Saturday at our place, culminating in a ceremony and dinner Saturday evening.  Each weekend's theme, major activity for Saturday, and pre-registered guests are listed below.  The themes are all subjects we want to focus on as we develop a successful long-term committed relationship.    While the dates are 95% firm at this point, the themes and activities may evolve. 

People Coming but not sure when (lobby them for your weekend...):

Damon Taylor, Chris & Becky Carella

June 22-23rd Pre-wedding weekend

Jeanine Jackson, Jason Malinsky, Erin Wade & Uri

June 29 - July 2 

Theme: Joy/Passion                  Activity: Hike

Kim & Mike Morton, I-Ju Lai & John Alderete, Joanna Begin, Cathy Wirth, Tim Bragg, Emily Rice-Townsend

We had a fabulous time, with hiking from the redwoods to the ocean, riding a roller coaster together, starting to paint our cabin, getting ready for the tree-house, putting the chuppah on posts, having our first ceremony.

July 6 - 9

Theme: Home                  Activity: Treehouse Construction

Parents: Ron & Pat Verbeck 

Louis Tenenbaum, Karen Schneider & Marc Gunther, Valerie & John & Genna & Thomas Henry Williamson, Wendy & Ames & Sienna & Reed Cornish, Norman Gilmore & Patty Sophos, Tim Bragg, Bruce Klein, Robin Verbeck

A great weekend with some quite ambitious building projects!  We painted the cabin, built a swing and a climbing wall, had a great bbq and fire, and generally kept injuries to a minimum.  Thanks to everyone who stayed over and truly helped make this our home.

July 13 - 16

Theme: Risk                     Activity: Demolition and Gardening

Parents: Sarina Simon & Bill Skinner

Madison Skinner, Mimi Schwiedola, David & Janis & Scarlat Turner-Preslav, Meg & Kelly Straponad***, Peggy Christiansen & Stephen Gryte, Steve & Sandra & Nicole & Elena Beges, Mary Baumann, Susan & Erik Amerikaner, Tim Bragg, Max & Paul Dichter, Nathan Brightbill & Leah Briney, Kay & Mike Sibley, Scott & Nancy Skinner, Laurie Sale & Norman Joseph, Ed & Karen Lehrner, Jordon Weddle

Wow!  What an energetic weekend!  The wine and stories and laughter were plentiful.  A beautiful herb garden was created, the VW bus was destroyed, and many logs were split.  Highlights included Nora's campfire tales of murders past, grilling Sibley at dinner on Friday, and lunch on the ridge.  Thanks to Sarina and Bill for hosting a lovely Friday dinner and to everyone for getting involved.  Susan and Erik sent us a slideshow of pictures that you can download here (6MB).

And here are more pics from David Turner.  And some awesome ones from Nancy Casalaro.  Thank you all!

July 20 - 23

Theme: Growth               Activity: Plants and Garden

Parents: Kay & Mike Sibley

Susan Pheasant, Jean & Brian & Audrey Stearns, Jack & Lynda Pheasant, Pauline & Dick Upton, Sasha Clayton, ERT, Seth Murray & Stephanie Herring, Ben Kennedy, Tom kornack, Jill Foley, Mac Funk & Jenny Woo, Jennifer 8. Lee, Benson Wilder, Grace Funk, Aaron Hoffman & Shoma, Maggie Pheasant, Jill & Jonathan & Eden Collins, Shachi Dave & Goldee Udani, Bob & Betty & Brett & Kaylee Clough, Drew Himmelstein & Aaron Britt, Dave & Lena & River Lewis, Jerry & Sandy Brightbill, Annie Bacon, Cathy Wirth, Tim Bragg, James Gill & Michelle Qi, Sam Upton, Matt Hellman, Vinny Pallaver, Doug Rouse, Blair Verbeck, John Christodouleas, Ben Goertzel, Bruce Klein, Patrick O'Shaughnessey

Our biggest weekend yet, and a wonderful occasion including lots of pie, fresh-picked grapes, sledgehammers, babies, you name it, it was at 1040 Mystery Spot this weekend.  Highlights included aforementioned sledgehammering,  Harry Potter obsessing, herb garden doubling, brush clearing, and the most people who have ever slept on our property at one time since we've lived here.

July 27 - 30

Theme: Balance              Activity: Tree Climbing and Slacklines 

Kyle Evans & Courtney Berner, Valentina Cabrera, Abby Hall, Josh Bushinsky, Darcy Baxter & Katherine D'Amato, Drew Baglino, Nori Heikkinen, Japhet Koteen, Chad Poist, Jaime Yassif, Iveta Brigis & John Smart, David Peck, Emma Wendt, Ian Monroe, Ben Rice-Townsend, David Peck

August 3 - 6

Theme: Ethics      Activity: Frisbee Golf and Music

Parents: Scott & Debbie Simon 

Kay & Jonathan & David & Sara Grossman, Josh Simon, Fred Hertz & Ran Langenbach, Erin Wade & Uri Something, Helen & Wade, Nick Richetta, Don & Diana Simon, Michael Tringali, Courtney Peterson & Josh Goldman, Andrew Medina-Marino & Jim, Carl & Jennifer Gettleman, Mike Crosby & Carlos Florez

August 10 - 13

Theme: Beauty                 Activity: Art Projects

Philip Meier, Tristan Swidell, Brian Friedlander, Josh Lifton, Will DelHagen, Gavin Greer, Libby Sproat & Scott McNiven, Matt & Suzanne Dominainni