How do I know when to come?

Please choose whatever weekend(s) is most appealing to you, either because of schedule, who else is coming, theme, or the counsel of your fortune-teller.  You can browse the themes, activities, and people attending on the Weekend Signup page.  We are attempting to have weekends with a wide variety of activities that reflect our favorite things as well as things we feel we can share with a diverse group.   These may get juggled over time; hopefully the flexibility will be a positive for all of us.  We would LOVE for you to come for more than one weekend if you would like to do so.

Yeah, but when's the REAL wedding?

You may have already figured out that this is a trick question.  Seriously, each weekend will include meaningful ceremonial content.  We plan to develop our ketubah (Jewish wedding contract) over the entire summer, adding a component each week with the special contributions of those participants.  Marriage is a process not a moment... right?

Where is this happening?

In the most beautiful place (we think) in the world.  We have bought a piece of land in the Santa Cruz mountains comprising 40 acres of redwoods, ocean views, funky cabins, and a thriving gopher population.  Santa Cruz is 30 miles south of San Jose CA, and about an hour and 30 minutes south of San Francisco or Oakland.  Our place is entirely off the grid, which means composting toilets, inconsistent solar electricity, and a peaceful atmosphere.  We invite all who are motivated to stay with us, which mostly means camping (can be indoor or outdoor).  To see more pictures with explanations of facilities, please check out our property.  For information on other places in Santa Cruz to stay, please look at lodging.

What about gifts?

For goodness sake... just come!  The greatest present is your presence... and your engagement in our event.  Period.  IF you feel motivated to do more, please contact us about taking a more active helping role in the weekend you are attending (e.g. leading a meal or activity).  If you have a deep desire to give a tangible gift, we encourage you to donate on our behalf to the Human Rights Campaign, an excellent non-profit fighting for equality for lesbians and gays.  We both feel strongly that legal marriage should be available to all adults and would appriciate your support in campaigns to extend this right.

And what should I wear?

Whatever the heck you want.   Hats made from napkins are highly encouraged.