please join us in Santa Cruz

Nina and Sibley's Wedding 

We will be celebrating our committed relationship in Santa Cruz, CA in the summer of 2007.  EVERYONE who knows us and wants to come is invited!  So if you are viewing this page and think, "gee, so-and-so would love to be a part of this," please send them the link.  We have much of the summer to celebrate and explore with you... so PLEASE JOIN US!!

Here's the plan:

We are hosting not one but SEVEN wedding weekends in summer of 2007, each weekend from June 27-Aug 12 (sign up).  Why seven?  Mostly, we want to get to spend some quality time with each of you, and it will take that much time to do so.  We don't want to emphasize or encourage the concept that there is a specific "moment" at which we perform some kind of mind-meld and fuse into one being; rather, we'd like to spend the whole summer engaging in fun activities and serious conversation related to the concept of long-term commitments.  And seven is a good number since the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony focuses on seven blessings.

SO.  Each weekend will feature a theme related to commitment, one or several fun activities associated (loosely) with that theme, a serious but informal ceremony, and lots of good food and hangout time.  We are planning to work Tuesday through Thursday and look forward to spending Friday-Monday of each weekend with guests.  If you would like to come for several weekends and or stay for weeks in-between, fabulous!  There is plenty of space and we would love to have you.

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