Outline Method

The ability to RECORD and PRESENT hierarchical information through the use of lists was deemed very important.  Teachers who are able to do this effectively often increase the likely-hood that their students will as well. Most programs and online services which incorporate text (Word, Powerpoint, WordPress, Blogger) use the same keyboard short-cuts which follow:

In whatever program you are using there will usually be a graphical icon which represents bulleted or numbered text in your menu. Depending on the program there many be fairly basic options or the ability to tweak the shape, size and format of the bullets.

Lists have programming which occurs "in the background".  What you need to know is that to start a list you need to be on a new line (press ENTER) - you cannot bump the list up against the line above or below.  Even though you may find this frustrating, you should realize that the consumer of your information actually is able to visually discern text better with these spaces included.

Once on your new line, click on the appropriated bulleted list you wish to initiate.

  1. To work in one level only all you need to do is to press enter at the end of the text for the first line.
  2. Then you can type in the information for the second line and press enter to start the next line.
    1. To add a sub point or another level.  Press TAB and you will get an indent.  Press enter to start the next line.
  3. To revert back to the main level, hold down the SHIFT key and press TAB.
  4. To add a point within the other points.  Simply put your cursor at the end of the line above where you wish it to appear and press enter.  
    1. It will automatically insert a bullet (or the appropriate number.)
  5. To end your bulleted list, press ENTER twice.

Attempt as best as possible to limit the list to keywords and short phrases.  T

*In Word and Powerpoint, you can find a variety of bullets and numbering formats (or even create your own) by clicking on the downarrow on the appropriate bulleted list icon in the menu.