Mind-Mapping is usually best used in research projects as the student isolates themes or concepts and their supporting points; however, a teacher may find that if they provide the main points of a lesson BEFORE it starts, this format is also effective.  They may also consider creating one that is specifically designed for the student. You can find many variations of mind-maps online or if you look at the templates (File> Open Template) in Inspiration, you will find some great ideas for a variety of subject areas.  See the Inspiration page under Technology Aids for more ideas on how to use Inspiration.

A student could "create" the mind-map as they go or use a "fill in" pre-printed one such as the one available for download the bottom of this page.

Check out this great article "Why Students Should Consider Taking Visual Notes" from the Inspiration Software Blog.
and this great video: Get Better Grades by Mind-Mapping by Paul Telling ** very engaging

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Mar 30, 2012, 5:03 AM