Jimbo, that's me.  I'm a straight shooter who calls it like it is.  I'll give you something to ponder, a tip to employ, or just whatever's on my mind. I don't expect anything in return.
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Thoughts by Jimbo

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Projects and HowTo's From Jim
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Jim's Favorite Web Resources

Costco.com (best store, online and brick-n-mortar)
Newegg.com (best online computer store)
Pandora.com (best music site)
Ubuntu.com (best Linux distribution...to date)
JQuery.com (my favorite Javascript library)
MichaelBluejay.com (just a wealth of info)

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On Jim's Mind These Days... 
I am so tired of hearing about e-book readers.  Kindle, ipad, nook, sony blah blah blah.  Geez, why does there have to be another friggin device?  I have a very capable Android phone with a nice screen.  Just install an e-book reader app on that and be done with it.  Maybe e-book readers will save the world, or bring world peace.  E-book reader for president.  Shiat, enough already.

About the only cool thing I've seen even remotely related to e-book readers is the MadTV take on the iPad.

Past things on Jim's mind...

  • I received an iTunes gift card for Christmas.  Yet, I only use Ubuntu (Linux).  Apple's iTunes Store or client software doesn't support Linux.  That is shortsighted of Apple.  Basically, i'll stop using my shuffle and not buy their music. Is Apple worried that Linux will actually compete with Mac on a large scale?  Geez, they'd still get revenue from Linux users.  Dumb, Apple, dumb.
  • Geez, the 2009 holidays are finally over.  I can finally rest.
  • Irish monks invented whiskey.  Why the hell doesn't the Catholic church serve whiskey during mass instead of wine?
  • Drupal is killer, and would be mega killer if it was implemented in Python.
  • Vote Meg Whitman for CA Governor.  The other candidates are pigs lining up to feed in the trough of taxpayer money.
  • My love for SJC has pretty much faded.  The new terminal is very nice, but all the food options are way too expensive.
  • Wow, San Jose airport (SJC) in San Jose, CA, finally opened their doors to the upgraded terminal.  It's pretty sweet!  SJC was also, IMO, the foremost airport on the west coast to offer cool things like FREE WIFI everywhere and computer-oriented seating with power outlets.  Makes LAX and SNA look pretty lame.
  • It's blasted hot.  When this heat gonna go back home?