Where I Live
30 S. 4th Street Apt. 2 in Niles, MI

Come see my new place! It's pretty small, so this tour shouldn't take long.


front door

There are 3 apartments in the house; mine is the bottom left one.

just inside the living/dining room

looking toward the kitchen

washer/dryer/pantry room (behind the red chair in the living room)

more of the kitchen

looking into the bedroom

the bathroom (just off of the kitchen)

outside my back door (on the right) . . .

and my "garden" (herbs, tomatoes, and peppers)

the garage (I park beside it)

across the street

and one more look back before you leave . . .

I am so blessed! I'm trusting God to provide the extra money it takes to have my own place. I look forward to seeing how He will do that!

Come visit any time (but call ahead to make sure I'm home!).

If you'd like to be part of my support team, you can now make donations online through Life Action's secure website. Click here for details. (You'll need to choose my name from the drop-down list of staff member names.)