These pictures were taken this morning (02-01-07) at the place where I'm house sitting this year. I think we got our year's worth of snow in the past week! Church was cancelled on Sunday, and I worked from home on Tuesday. My driveway is l-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g, and I didn't get plowed out until 5:45 p.m.! I wish I had even better pictures . . . some of it has already melted or been plowed away. (I hope to add a few more pictures to this page soon . . . and a few more snowflakes are currently falling, so check back sometime!)





Okay, more pictures, taken 02-02-07. I'm glad you can tell in some of them that it's snowing, and I'm glad the sun is shining today. It is so beautiful here! And right now it's snowing more and more.

Playground Deck and pool

Circle drive

Outside my bedroom door   Deer right outside!

Small garden spot

 Okay, these next were taken a few days ago as I was driving home from work (I think it was 02-02-07.)


My driveway . . .             

 . . . and my nearly buried mailbox!



And this one is right outside Del's office at the NMC.