March Mud

What a month March was!

  • I teach two students piano lessons, one every Sunday evening before church and one every other Friday or so (we're flexible with each other).
  • Sunday nights several of us gather at a friend's house after church to read a book  together. We've had some good discussions around some good books.
  • On Tuesday evenings I join a number of singles at Del and Debra Fehsenfeld's house for supper right after work. We each bring something to contribute to the meal, and we have some great conversations on any number of topics. (Del is my co-worker and the senior editor of our magazines at Life Action, and Debra is the one who led a small group time with several of us girls last fall. They have three adorable children, and one on the way in September!)
  • We had some snow and bad weather, and we had some sunshine and really nice weather. I've loved being able to get out in the yard and do some raking. I even slept outside one night, it was so warm!

The big event was the cast party for "Seussical the Musical." (You can look back at February's page if you want to read how that went.) The party was scheduled for a Friday night, and that day the weather was pretty bad. I kept watching the Internet and the sky. I thought if the weather was really bad up in Holland, they would call and tell me not to come. I also REALLY wanted to attend the party, because that's the only time I would see us perform the show, as we watched the video together.

I left work a little bit early that evening, thinking that if the roads were bad I would turn around and come home, but otherwise I was determined to go. I planned to spend the night with friends.

The first hour the roads were fine, but as it turns out, I probably should have stayed home. About 20 miles south of my desitnation, I hit some black ice, a gust of wind hit me, and suddenly I was sliding around toward the median at a pretty good clip. I prayed. Fervently. Really quickly. God protected (and engineers built a really good road and median system), and I ended up plowed into the mud, just before I was about to shoot across the other side into oncoming traffic.

I was so thankful for God's protection, in so many ways. My van was undamaged and still drivable. Almost immediately a rescue vehicle pulled up and stopped, and the nice man called a tow truck for me. He also moved his big vehicle into position to protect mine, in case someone else decided to slide off the road.

Within maybe 5 minutes, a semi-truck lost control on the same patch of ice and started sliding right toward me. I quickly and fervently prayed some more. He jack-knifed and slid partway off the other side of the road. Since his truck was also still drivable, he tried to get himself unstuck ... but succeeded only in getting himself stretched all the way across both lanes of traffic, unable to get his back tires up on the road. So, I had to wait for the tow truck to pull him out before he could get to me. What an adventure!

Since I was so much closer to Holland than to home, I went ahead and went on. Of course, I was extra careful from that point on. I saw another 6 cars off in the ditch in the next 5 miles. I wished later that I'd thought to take pictures, but I never did at the moment (can't imagine why not!).

The party and video were great, and I enjoyed seeing my friends again. I was thankful for so many things that day, and I still am. I'm especially grateful for your prayers; we don't always know how and when God is protecting us, but He is!

  • Another highlight at the end of the month was a when a college friend and his cousin drove from Nebraska to Cleveland to pick up a camper and haul it home. They stayed at "my" house on the way out, and I took the day off and rode with them. It was fun reconnecting with an old friend and making a new one. My mom always told me that variety is the spice of life, and that day was fun for different.
  • Now we're into April already. We're working diligently to get the next Spirit of Revival magazine to the printer and to the mailboxes. It's such a long process. I enjoy it, and I'm learning a lot, but some days it's hard to be patient with how long things take. I wanted to be finished today, but it didn't happen. Thankfully God knows the best time for it to be sent to people. We'll rest in that. If you are not signed up to receive this publication, I'd like to highly recommend it to you. Go to the website and sign up at the bottom of the page (it's free!), or e-mail me with your mailing address and request.
  • For those who are praying and would like specifics, I need a new place to live. The place I've been house-sitting the last two years won't be available to me next year, and the camp no longer has room for me to stay there this summer. So, I need to go pack up my stuff that's at the camp and put it into storage somewhere, and I need to find a place to stay. So far my leads have not yielded anything. I did learn that my very good friend Kjersten Oligney is coming to intern with Revive Our Hearts this summer, and I'd love to find a place we can both stay while she's here for 3 months. (Did I mention I'm excited about this?)
  • I'm also praying about a place to live permanently. I know I could move into the apartments in S. Bend, IN, where other single ladies who work here live, but I really don't want to move to Indiana, even though it's only 5 miles farther away. I'd like to be in Niles, preferbably farther north, not south. But, owning and renting are both expensive, and finding the right roommate (who's going to stay a while) is a challenge as well. So, I'd love it if you'd ask God to supply finances for housing and to show me where He wants me to live.

Thanks for reading this long letter. I trust you'll have a blessed Easter weekend with your family, remembering and celebrating Jesus and all He's done for us. I'm looking forward to some extra time away from the office, and I'd love to hear from you when you get time!