February 2007

Seussical the Musical

Well, once again I look at the calendar and recognize amazement at how quickly time passes. You'd think I'd be over the shock by this point. It's not like I don't know how this works.

February was such a fun month. We were buried in snow, and really that was most fun on the days when I could stay inside and watch it, or when the sun came out and made it sparkle and blind us.

I spent most of a week in Holland, MI, 80 miles up the shore from where I live in Niles. I stayed with friends there, and we put in a lot of rehearsal time for Seussical. What a blast! I was able to continue working while I was there, thanks to high-speed Internet and a laptop computer, but I also enjoyed a good bit of vacation time as well.

The music, although maybe the hardest I've played, finally did come together, and although it took every ounce of concentration to play, it was still so much fun

The programs were Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night. I enjoyed having a number of friends from work and from church drive up to enjoy the show.

Our wonderful director, Tim St. Clair II, The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, and Tim's daughter Renah.





The Wickersham Brothers (monkeys)










The Bird Girls

and the Sour Kangaroo



The Whos, including

Mr. Mayor and his wife







Jojo, General Schmitz, and the army


Judge Yertle the Turtle and others




Gertrude McFuzz with Horton in the clover patch




The dancers





The Elephant Bird, the Juggler, and . . .





the band!


After coming back home, I enjoyed grocery shopping and spending a weekend cooking and baking. That's still a favorite activity of mine.