Kim's Kronikles

Kim Gwin * 1696 E. Clear Lake Road * Buchanan, MI 49107

Well, I haven't stayed as current with this as I thought I would, but I've finally taken some time to play catch-up. I hope you have a few minutes to look at the page I just added.

Thank you so much to all of you who invest in my life in various ways, whether through prayer, finances, letters, e-mails, calls, or whatever form of expression your love takes. I appreciate you!


p.s. I have to show off my cute nieces and nephews.


Calvin and Victoria Hilgendorf live in southern Minnesota with their parents, Ross and Carol (my brother-in-law and sister).


Megan Gwin also lives in southern Minnesota with her parents, Curt and Sarah Gwin (my brother and sister-in-law). She's pictured here on May Day 2007 (left) and more recently (right).


Jonathan Andrew Glick Jr. and his parents (my sister Judy and her husband, Jon) currently live in St. Edward, NE.